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Articles from 2003:

MFTL Meeting Now At 8pm Nov 4 (11/05/2003)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

Just a reminder to all team representative and league members:

There will be a meeting Tuesday November 4th at 8pm. (PLEASE NOTE TIME CHANGE!) This is located at Sport Nova Scotia on Spring Garden Road.

Elections for vacant executive positions will take place. Any interested members should attend. Everyone is welcome. Other topics for discussion should be submitted to the league Secretary (briannicholson@ns.sympatico.ca) by Monday November 3rd.

Year End Party Changed!!! November 1st (11/12/2003)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

This year the Season Ending Party has been moved due to numerous suggestions that Oct 18th (right in the middle of playoffs) might not be the most appropriate time for the Party. The venue has been changed to Pogue Fado for November 1st as Duffy's is booked. Now there is lots of notice, so get your team mates together and come for some football commeraderie. Awards will be given out. Please see your team reps to vote on the following catergories:

Offensive MVP (for your Division)
Defensive MVP (for your Division)
Most Sportsman like player (for your Division)
Most Sportsman like team (for your Division)
Most Sportsman like player on your team.

Everyone is welcome, as are Significant Others.

Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

MTFL Players:

I have e-mailed all the team reps a copy of the revised schedule.

All of the morning games for Oct 18 are the same, so if you have an old schedule, it will be accurate until noon.

In case you don't have it, here is a typewritten part of the schedule. For your teams position see the chart below.

Game 1: Com A Sat 8:30 A1 vs. A8 line B1
Game 2: Com B Sat 8:30 A4 vs. A5 line B2
Game 3: Com A Sat 10:00 A2 vs. A7 line L1
Game 4: Com B Sat 10:00 A3 vs. A6 line L2
Game 5: Com A Sat 11:30 B4 vs. B5 line L3
Game 6: Com B Sat 11:30 B3 vs. B6 line L4
Game 7: Com A Sat 1:00 L1 vs. L2 line L5
Game 8: Merv S Sat 3:00 L3 vs. L4 line L6
Game 9: Com A Sat 2:30 W1 vs. W2 line L7
Game10: Merv S Sat 4:30 W3 vs. W4 line L8
Game11: Com A Sat 4:00 B1 vs. W5 line L9
Game12: Merv S Sat 6:00 B2 vs. W6 line L10

A1=Pogue Fado
A2=Dartmouth M&B
A3=Molson Canadian Storm
A6=Molson Exports

B1=Tigers (bye for round 1--line duty at 8:30 Sat)
B2=Chaos (bye for round 1--line duty at 8:30 Sat)
B5=Boston Pizza

Merv Sullivan is "the Pit" in the North End. The time for game 12 is correct, beginning at 6pm. The field has lights and we'll make sure they are on for the last game!

The Year End Party will begin at 8pm at POGUE FADO on November 1st.

MTFL MEETING SEPT 23 at 7PM (09/15/2003)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

Please note that there will be a meeting at Sport Nova Scotia at 7pm on Tuesday Sept. 23rd.

The adgenda is as follows:
1) fines
a. list of demerits
b. payment of fines
2) make-up games
3) play off format
4) website
5) post season party
6) MTFL executive
a. make-up games
b. call for nominations
7) fields?HRM update
8) budget?Greg O?Brien financial statement
9) league constitution
10) new business

We are still looking for a few game sheets including the following, so if you have a copy of this game sheet please bring it with you.

29 MacClays vs. Bud
72 Poweraid vs. MacClays
94 Dart vs. Exports
97 Dart vs. Storm
119 Dart vs. MacClays

Today, sadly, the Smugglers defaulted and are expelled from the league.

Brian Nicholson
MTFL Secretary

Laing violates MTFL substance-abuse policy (09/12/2003)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

Hard-living Pogue Fado cornerback Trent "Yardsale" Laing has been suspended indefinitely by the MTFL after a low amount of cough syrup was found in his system during a game this weekend.

According to a league source, Laing looked disoriented during the game, as receivers repeatedly got behind him for large gains. He engaged in an ugly shouting match on the sidelines with teammate Mike Carter over defensive coverages, and the two had to be separated. Laing's erratic behaviour continued after the game as he wandered over to an adjacent softball field and challenged an entire team to a game of softball, one on nine.

Prior to the mandatory post game press conference, Laing bid a hasty exit, leaving a room full of reporters stunned.

Laing went AWOL on the team last weekend, missing two games. He told team officials that he was on a course for work, though today's development casts some doubt on his actual whereabouts.

The level of syrup found in his system was significantly less than the legal limit, but there is a no-tolerance policy for past violators under the MTFL substance abuse program. In the 2000 season Laing was suspended without pay for 2 games after he was found to have consumed a six pack of Jolt Cola prior to a game.

Pogue Assitant GM Paul Mason told The MTFL Press he hoped Laing would be able to return in a couple of weeks.

"Yardsale is a very talented football player and he will be missed, but we need to focus on our next game" Mason said. "Our team has faced adversity before and we plan to handle this setback as well."

Laing signed a seven-year, $70 contract with Pogue Fado during the offseason. His incentive-laden contract was said to be heavily loaded with performance clauses such as 10 cents for knockdowns, and 5 cents for tags.

The 34-year-old is considered one of the most talented but underachieving cornerbacks in the league. Years of burning the candle at both ends may finally have caught up to him, as has his propensity for risk taking behaviour such as driving a scooter on the highway.

"Trent is Trent", said an anonymous Pogue Fado teammate. "He just kind of does his own thing. Right now our thoughts are with him and we just hope he gets his life in order."

MTFL rescheduled games-REVISED SEP 14 (09/11/2003)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

MTFL Players

A few items of business:

1) The executive is working hard to reschedule games...
2) There have been changes since the last re-hash because the city has kicked us off the Commons on Saturday September 20th for this day only. We are playing our scheduled games at "the Pit" in the North End. The other name for this field is Merv Sullivan Field.
To this end, the recently rescheduled #114 and #116 had to be moved again, as we no longer have the "B" field and only the Pit for the A games.
Games at the Pit are as follows (team vs. team LINE DUTY)
#97 9AM Dart M&B vs. Molson Canadian Storm BULLDOGS
#98 11AM Bulldogs vs. Grizzlies DART M&B
#99 1PM BP vs. Chaos GRIZZLIES
#120 3PM Superstore vs. Smugglers NIGHTMARE

Please note the following new revisions to the schedule.
Game # New Date Time Location Team Team Lineduty
5 TBA TBA TBA Poweraid Budweiser Dart M&B
54 Sun Sep 28 1200 St. Steph Budweiser Nightmare Superstore
72 Fri Sep 19 1800 A Poweraid MacClays Chaos
73 TBA TBA TBA Chaos Bulldogs MacClays
83 TBA TBA TBA Smugglers Bulldogs Chaos
84 Thu Sep 18 1800 A Chaos Grizzlies Smugglers
114 Sat Sep 27 1500 A Pogue Fado Mol. Exports Bulldogs
116 TBA TBA TBA Budweiser Nightmare Boston Pizza
120 Sat Sep 20 1500 ThePit Superstore Smugglers Nightmare
Also be advised of the next league meeting: Tuesday September 23rd at Sport Nova Scotia.

Shea tears MCL (06/19/2003)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

When it rains, it pours. Just ask the injury riddled Division One defending champs the Nightmare.

Just a couple of weeks after losing safety Derek Boyd for the remainder of the regular season, it looks like the Nightmare will have to do without dependable WR Mike "Bucky" Shea for the rest of the 2003 campaign, including playoffs.

The play seemed innocent enough. Shea was kicking off and felt he had simply overextended his leg. After a brief rest on the sideline, he thought he was good to go, but his knee told him otherwise.

"This is definetely a setback, Bucky had been really coming on" commented a source in the Nightmare organization. "We knew he had good hands, but he is much more athletic then we could have dreamed."

After his much publicized offseason wooing by the Nightmare, Shea had attacked his winter conditoning program with reckless abandon and come to camp in mid 1980's form. "I haven't felt this good since St.Pats" quipped the former standout at the Quinpool Road high school.

Shea's offseason move to the Nightmare from the Pogue Fado had sent the MTFL rumour mill into a frenzy, as there were reports of a feud with Principal Pogue Fado Owner Greg O'Brien. Shea downplayed down any lingering bitterness about not being able to re-sign a multi-year deal with the franchise he had played with for over a decade.

"The longer you play this game, the more you realize it's just a business. Did I want to retire in a Pogue uniform? Maybe. Sometimes a change of scenery is the best thing for all parties involved."

Reports out of the Pogue camp suggest much of that team's salary cap is tied up in former SMU qb Ryan Jones. O'Brien opened the vault for Jones, which may be a reason Shea decided to move on.

For his part, O'Brien was coldly detached when told of the injury. "It's a mans' game out here, and sometimes these things happen. What do ya want me to do, cry? Mike Shea is a warrior. He'll be back."

Shea was defiant when asked if he would be returning next season. "Hell yeah I'll be back. I have some unfinished business to take care of."

The Nightmare faithful certainly hope so.

Teams chase Tigers, Nightmare (06/20/2003)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

The Tigers and Nightmare are in first place in Divisions 2 and 1 respectively as the 2003 MTFL season heads towards September. While the crisp autumn air may be approaching, the MTFL is just about to heat up.

In Division 2, the Dal Tigers, led by rifle-armed qb and former Cincinatti Reds prospect Gary Walsh have been the team to beat. The Tigers have gotten significant contributions from sure handed center Brian Nicholson and former Moose Light standout Jason Holm. The balanced Tigers offence has seen a number of different receivers cash in in the red zone, and the defending Division 2 champs appear poised to make another run at the title.

Newcomers Boston Pizza have raised some eyebrows with their team atleticism, and after a slow start seem to be catching on to the Touch game. Scrambling qb Neil Smith leads the always tough Chaos attack. The Chaos boast some impressive team speed on both sides of the ball with greyhounds like Chris McMaster and Tom Roberts. The retooled Grizzlies will undoubtedly contend in Division 2, with the Bulldogs, Smugglers and Superstore also in the mix.

The first division is all about parity this year, with the Nightmare holding down 1st place but being challenged by many squads. Last year's champs retain the core of their team from last year, with key free agent signee Mike "Bucky" Shea also in the fold.

2002's balanced and athletic runners up, Dartmouth Metals & Bottles will look to step it up in the playoffs as their dangerous young players gain more and more experience. After a slow start, Graham "Gumsy" Sponagle's squad appear to be picking up momentum.

Also coming after the Nightmare will be the expansion Pogue Fado squad, constructed from scratch by the Steinbrenneresque offseason moves of deep pocketed owner Greg O'Brien. Rumour has it that O'Brien has given star pivot Ryan Jones a "win or else" ultimatum and has asked that he cut down on his off the field "distractions", such as radio shows. Jones has refused to comment on the controversy.

Budweiser (formerly Keiths), always figure to be in the hunt come playoff time with their deep (very deep) and experienced lineup. Key free agent pickup Ron Lirrete gives Steve Sarty yet another dangerous target downfield.

Speaking of experience, no team has more than the grizzled Molson Exports, led by league legends Joey Tynes and Randy "Rat" Rudell. These guys are the Oakland Raiders of the MTFL, and like the silver and black they know how to play when the chips are down.

Crafty qb Mike Mullally and speedy leading scorer (and Halifax West product) Mark Royale spearhead the solid Molson Canadian Storm offensive arsenal. Having won the title a couple of years ago, the Storm will be no slouch in the pressure cooker that is the MTFL playoffs.

Rick Rivers and a bevy of quality receivers propel Powerade into the playoffs with a high octane offense. The feisty Rivers has been known to chew out a receiver or two when the situation calls for it, as beleagured slotback Mike Josey can certainly attest.

MacClays will have to overcome the disapointing season ending injury of free agent acquisition Dave Kelly in their quest for the title. Kelly can take sweet solace in having won the personal qb duel he had with flamboyant Pogue backup qb O'Brien earlier in the season, but he faces an uphill rehab battle in the offseason. With a lineup stacked with former university players, MacClays will no doubt be ready when the leaves turn color.

Playoffs are set for the weekend of October 4-5th, with a schedule still to be released.

Natal Day 2003 wrapup (08/14/2003)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

Junior LeBlanc led the NightmarenatalDayWrapUp.gif

Natal Day Touch Tournament (07/01/2003)
Submitted by: Mark Cluney

The 2003 Smirnoff Ice Natal Day Tournament is slated for the weekend of August 1-3 at the Halifax Commons. This tournament is probably the best of the year as solid teams from Nova Scotia New Brunswick and PEI will be vying for the championship.

MTFL Season kicks off (07/01/2003)
Submitted by: Mark Cluney

The Metro Touch Football League recently kicked off for another season. The League has 15 teams separated into 2 divisions (first tier and second tier.) The league is happy to have a few new teams in the league this year; Boston Pizza, Pogu Fado, Smugglers and the Truro Bulldogs. The Nightmare will be back to defend their tier 1 title and Dal Med looks for the repeat in tier 2. The season runs from early June until early October. The Natal Day is a great tournament that breaks up the season into two halfs. The best teams from New Brunnswick, Nova Scotia and PEI compete in this competitive tournament.

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