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Articles from 2005:

Trash Site Removed (11/01/2005)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

The popoular trash site has been taken off-air for 2005 due to some disgusting and potentially libelous postings over the weekend. IF the site comes back up for next year there will be some strict rules to ensure that users can be identified so we can continue to enjoy the use of the site in the spirit it was was created. Most participants have been keeping it clean.

Sched for Sun 16th (weather permitting) (10/15/2005)
Submitted by: Mike Flynn

Guys: In the event the fields are open tomorrow, we will revert to a schedule starting with Games #7 & #8. Please refer to original schedule for where you line up. If we miss tomorrow, we'll have an update for next weekend early next week. As always, feel free to call me on my cell (488-8664). The website should be updated later today.

Game #7 Field A 8:30AM Line L5
Game #8 Field B 8:30AM Line L6
Game #9 Field A 10:00AM
Game #10 Field B 10:00AM
Game #11 Field A 11:30AM
Game #12 Field B 11:30AM
Game #13 Field A 1:00PM
Game #14 Field B 1:00PM
Game #15 Field A 2:30PM
Game #16 Field B 2:30PM
Game #17 Field A 4:00PM
Game #18 Field B 4:00PM

DIVISION 2 REVIEW - September 26th to October 2nd (10/04/2005)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Welcome to what is likely the final MTFL Division 2 Week In Review of 2005. I know the playoffs are just around the corner, but I've never seen game-by-game playoff statistics posted to the league site in seasons past. Also, trying to recap 20 games in a single review isn't my idea of a good time. This being said, it has been kind of fun writing this column. I don't write much besides source code these days so actually sitting down and writing English (with complete
sentences!!!) is a pleasant distraction from my day job.
However, I'm not sure my team (the Grizzlies) appreciated my column. For the record, we were 4-1 before I started writing the Week In Review. Since then, we've gone 2-9. Hmmm...
Maybe not writing anything for the playoffs will give the Grizzlies the edge in the big games to come. Maybe...

Sophomore Sensations 26 Tigers 6

The Sophomore Sensations were basically playing out the string while the Tigers were going for fourth place in the division.
And when the Tigers have to play in a big game, they bring the house. 14 players showed up for the Tigers. That's an entire line change, and I'm sure there were hundreds of noisy Tigers' supporters in tow as well. So when almost every player on your roster comes to play, does it earn you fourth place?
Nope. Todd Brine and the Sophomore Sensations proved once again that quality trumps quantity. Brine passed for his usual 4 touchdowns and the Sens' defence marauded the Tigers with a sextet of picks and two sacks. Chris DeWolf was Brine's go-to guy with 2 TDs and 2-point convert. R.J. Gerrior and Shawn Walsh tacked on the other Sensations' scores. Meanwhile, the Tigers' brightest star was rusher Scott Thieu sacking Brine
5 times. Man, I'm going to have to find some speed or something.
Some of these new rushers are ridiculously fast. I like to think that a quality pass rush does not rely completely on speed, but when a speedster records 5 sacks, it makes me wonder. Oh yeah, the Tigers dropped to 6-10 and likely will finish in 5th when all the tie-breakers are settled. The Sophomore Sensations have been hunkered down in 2nd place since forever and are eagerly awaiting the new and improved Curves team in their first playoff game.

Subway 26 Curves 12

Speaking of playing out the string, here comes Subway. Rick Rivers had the league-minimum 4 touchdown passes for quarterbacks on teams that win as Subway downed Curves 26-12. When I arrived at the field, this game was still going on and I was led to believe the score was more out of hand than it was in reality. Despite the loss, Curves has once again proven that they are getting better.
Certainly their last encounter with Subway resembled a massacre moreso than this one. Who knows? Curves might surprise one of the higher ranked teams in the playoffs. Anyway, it was Subway's game all the way. Todd Van Ritchie was the scoring leader with 2 TDs and a 2-pointer. A.J. Tulford and Andrew Hebb had Subway's other scores.
Hebb was a ball-hawk on defence as well with 4 interceptions.
Curves was able to keep the score respectable thanks to Adam Smith and Kyle Tucker who found the end zone once each in a losing cause.
Subway ran the board against Division 2 opponents this season, and it will take a monumental effort for another Division 2 team to beat them twice in the playoffs. They are the undisputed favourites to win it all in 2005. Curves might get another shot at Subway if they can win a few in the playoffs. Their 4-12 mark is likely a bit misleading, but they are the 7th seed so they will have to play the toughest teams first. The Sophomore Sensations await.

Paint Can 26 Grizzlies 6

Danny Williams had an all-pro performance and Paint Can's defence held the Grizzlies to 5 first downs for the entire game as Paint Can rolled to an easy 26-6 victory. Ball control was the name of the game for Paint Can. They nickeled and dimed the Grizzlies to death with several drives of 10 or more plays. Doobie Taylor demonstrated his extreme speed and elusiveness in the open field on both of his scoring plays and he also threw a TD pass (aided by uncalled obstruction of the rusher) to help Paint Can make things miserable for the Grizzlies.
It seemed that Danny Williams was always able to find the open man on second and long or third and short and the Grizzlies were powerless to stop him. Paint Can scored on their opening drive of about 75 yards for an early 6-0 lead. After the kickoff, the Grizzlies went two and out, and Paint Can went to work again with another highly-efficient march down the field. After capping their second drive with a touchdown to go up 12-0, the Grizzlies' offence made another brief appearance and Paint Can scored on the ensuing drive to lead 19-0 at the half. The teams traded touchdowns in the second half to round out the scoring. The win for Paint Can confirmed their status as one of Division 2's top squads.
Meanwhile, the Grizzlies are sent reeling into the playoffs having managed only two wins in their last eleven games. In all likelihood, the Grizzlies will be the 6th seed in the division and will have to face Paint Can in their first playoff game of 2005. In a related and developing story, Danny Williams' conduct on the final play of the "10-minute game" versus Curves is being reviewed by the league. It is alleged that Williams spiked the ball with the intent to strike Curves' C.J. Purdy as Purdy was rushing at him. We'll have to wait and see what the league decides to do here as there could be significant ramifications for the playoffs.

Boston Pizza 24 G-Men 13

Boston Pizza had a great opportunity to jump up to the 4th seed in Division 2 if they could defeat the G-Men, and they seized the opportunity quite nicely. Chris Livingston seems to be back from the IR as he tossed 4 touchdown passes and locked his former lads in the basement in the process. Mike Shea (who always scores at least one touchdown) had two with Hake Nazaryan and James White also figuring in Boston Pizza's total. White also had 2 sacks. Tom Fleet left his G-Men friends without his services in this game so it was a quarterback by committee situation.
Phil Clark managed one touchdown pass for the G-Men during his time behind the centre. Jim Murphy and John Moshette scored both touchdowns for what was the G-Men's 13th loss of the season. Thirteen losses earns the G-Men a game with Subway in the playoffs. Boston Pizza has their eyes on the Tigers who they pounded twice during the regular season.

MTFL DIVISION 2 WEEK IN REVIEW - September 19-25 (09/28/2005)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Have you ever experienced that dreadful feeling when you know there is an unavoidable gargantuan task looming ominously on the horizon? Of course you haven't!!!
You have never had to write the MTFL Division 2 Week In Review following a week where 8 games were played. So, after I updated my own team's site (oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the Grizzlies have a new online home:
www.grizzliesfootball.ca) with 2 games worth of stats and updates, I still had a pile of work ahead of me. How lucky those individuals who just show up for the games should feel... Anyway, enough griping. It was a big weekend in Division 2. Each team played twice and the playoff picture got a bit more clear. Basically, the final standings have all but been decided with the exception of the fate of three teams in the fourth through sixth positions.
However, Boston Pizza, Tigers, Grizzlies and Paint Can (a lock for third) are all going to get to know each other in the early playoff rounds so the final standings are somewhat inconsequential.

Subway 30 Sophomore Sensations 14

If the Sophomore Sensations had any hope of reeling in Subway for first place, it was going to have to start here and they would need help from other teams (like the Grizzlies and Curves...cue the mocking laughter on both counts). Of course, the Sens needn't bother with such aspirations as Subway had their way once again. Rick Rivers connected for his game minimum quota of 4 touchdown passes and a few 2-point convert completions as Subway ripped the Sens 30-14. The usual suspects were at large for Subway: Andrew Hebb (10 points), Ryan Henneberry (8 points) and Trevor Slaunwhite and Todd Van Ritchie (6 each). Surprisingly, A.J. Tulford was held off the score sheet. It was tough going for Todd Brine of the Sophomore Sensations as he threw 4 picks to only
2 touchdown passes. R.J. Gerrior and Joey Sampson counted for the Sens' only major scores. End result: Subway will finish in first place and the Sophomore Sensations will finish second.

Paint Can 27 Sophomore Sensations 21

One might have assumed the Sophomore Sensations would have been the favourite going into this game. However, if we hearken back to July 23rd, we quickly recall that Paint Can laid an ugly beating on the Sophomore Sensations pounding them 25-0. Todd Brine was not in the lineup for the Sens that day, but nonetheless, 25 to nothing is 25 to nothing and Paint Can proved it was no fluke. "The Experience" sizzled the Sens with 3 TD passes, 3 convert completions and had a pick of his own as Paint Can got by the Sophomore Sensations 27-21. Sean Flemming played a big role in the downing of the Sens with 2 touchdowns. Troy Daye snuck in for 7 points, Doobie Taylor added a 2-point convert and it can be assumed that one or many unheralded participants accounted for the other 6 points for Paint Can. Todd Brine was effective for the Sensations throwing 3 TDs but Paint Can's defence keep him from running wild most of the game. Paul Moore, Jonathan Mailman and Brine himself scored touchdowns in a losing cause.

Subway 30 Grizzlies 12

Limping into this game at 5-8, the Grizzlies knew they were about to bite off more than they could chew against Subway.
Of course, they were right. Rick Rivers scrambled twice on the first drive and Subway marched deep into Grizzlies territory. Subway scored and spotted themselves an early 6-0 lead, and thanks to some good defence and an anemic Grizzlies'
offence, the lead held. Subway added a touchdown with a 2-point convert just before the half and another 8-points in the shortened third quarter and took a 22-0 edge with one quarter to play. At this point, the Grizzlies had only completed 12 passes, but Colin MacNeil took over at quarterback and lit a bit of a fire under the bears.
He struck gold twice to Chuck Morash and suddenly it was 22-12. However, Rick Rivers and Subway took the ensuing kickoff and finished off the Grizzlies with a methodical drive that was capped by a slick touchdown reception by A.J. Tulford. Already having clinched first place the day before, Subway moved to an impressive 13-1 mark while the Grizzlies fell to 5-9 and had to beat Curves later in the day to prevent the possibility of finishing as low as seventh in the division.

Boston Pizza 14 Curves 20

This might qualify as one of those "Yikes!" moments for Boston Pizza. Curves came into this game with the 3-11 albatross hanging around their neck, and they only had the minimum number of players show up to field a team. One of them was not C.J. Purdy who is a force on defence for Curves. Overall, this was a tightly played game with Curves scoring one more time than Nathan George who had all of Boston Pizza's points. Curves scattered their scoring amongst Adam MacKenzie, Adam Smith and John Morash. The loss held back Boston Pizza in their bid for fourth place in Division 2. They would now have to defeat the Tigers later in the day and then finish with a better record than the Grizzlies who hold the head-to-head tie-breaker over them in order to take fourth place.

Tigers 19 G-Men 0

It's looking a lot like the G-Men will be facing Subway in their first playoff game this year. The G-Men often omit to bring their offence to the game as they did in this one. Led by Marc Pollet's
4 interceptions, the Tigers stymied the G-Men and earned an important victory. Even without the services of stalwart QB Gary Smith, the Tigers managed just enough offence under the guidance of Fred Bonner and Tim Burley who each had a TD pass.
David Filmore scored twice and Marcus MacLeod recorded the other Tigers' score. For the G-Men, there wasn't much happening.
Although their defence was solid with 3 sacks and a pick. The win for the Tigers kept them in the hunt for fourth place in the division. If they could beat Boston Pizza in the night-capper, fourth place would be theirs to claim.

Grizzlies 18 Curves 6

The Grizzlies last win came on August 20th against Boston Pizza.
The win prior to that was on July 17th versus Curves. So if nothing else, the Grizzlies should be good for at least one victory per month. It was a long time coming and it wasn't pretty, but the Grizzlies came through with an 18-6 win. Neither offence was particularly sharp. Curves, without starter Adam Smith, threw 8 interceptions, but the Grizzlies were also victimized for 7 picks.
Marc Reardon and Mark Chappell had three picks each for the Grizzlies. Meanwhile, Curves' only score came early in the third quarter off an interception return by Kyle Tucker. Scoring for the Grizzlies were Keith Singh with 2 touchdowns and Marc Reardon added the insurance score late in the game. Curves demonstrated a marked improvement from their previous encounter with the Grizzlies when they were shellacked 41-6. C.J. Purdy was great on the rush and had 2 sacks, and as mentioned, the defence intercepted 7 balls. However, Curves was listless offensively.
They rarely came close to scoring and when they did (first and goal from the 1-yard line in the first quarter), they would throw an interception. Surely, these are growing pains for Curves, and they probably would have been better with Adam Smith at the helm.
The Grizzlies improved to 6-9 and now can finish no lower than sixth place in Division 2. Curves, having earned their fourth victory of the season earlier in the day, are looking good for seventh.

Paint Can 32 G-Men 1

Good teams beat bad teams, and when they beat them, they beat them badly. This was the case for Paint Can as they pasted the G-Men 32-1. It was business as usual for "The Experience" recording
4 touchdown passes while only being intercepted twice. John Moshette had both interceptions for the G-Men and Tom Fleet kicked a rouge to prevent his team from being shutout the entire weekend.
Troy Daye took Paint Can into the end zone twice, and Doobie Taylor, Brian King and Tony Zang each did the trick once to finish off the G-Men. Paint Can's defence mopped up the mess with 4 interceptions.
The victory clinched third place for Paint Can who have had a nice season after a sluggish start. The G-Men still have a shot at catching Curves for seventh as I believe they have a 2-1 head-to-head edge on Curves. A win over archrival Boston Pizza and a loss by Curves to Subway (pretty much a guarantee) will do the job. So, even when you're 3-12, there can still be something worth playing for.

Boston Pizza 25 Tigers 13

In many ways, this has been a strange season in Division 2. One week the Tigers will beat up on the Grizzlies and the next week they get killed by Boston Pizza, and then Boston Pizza loses to the Grizzlies and the Grizzlies beat the Tigers but lose to the G-Men and then Curves comes out of nowhere and sneaks out a win against Boston Pizza. Where is the consistency here? The answer is: there is no consistency in Division 2 unless you're Subway. Here we had the Tigers riding into a game fresh off a G-Men trouncing and with a chance to clinch fourth place. On the other side of the ball was Boston Pizza who stumbled against Curves just a few hours earlier. So whom do you think won this game? Well, Boston Pizza of course. Chris Livingston experienced a return to form with 4 TD passes and Mike Shea had a 3-touchdown day in this taming of the Tigers. James White put the other 7 points on the board for Boston Pizza who have now created an interesting 3-way tie for fourth at 6-9. Jim Debner and Marcus MacCleod did all the scoring for the Tigers who were out-gunned in this game and will have to work hard next week against the Sophomore Sensations to earn fourth place. If the Tigers, Grizzlies and Boston Pizza are tied at the end of the season, our game of rock, paper, scissors will work something like this: Tigers beats Grizzlies, Grizzlies beats Boston Pizza, Boston Pizza beats Tigers.

October 1st, 2nd games at new locations (09/28/2005)
Submitted by: Mike Flynn

URGENT! Please note that S Commons is not available to us this weekend due
to CIBC Run for the Cure.

All Saturday, Oct 1 games will be played at WANDERERS GROUNDS. Regular
scheduled times apply.

All Sunday games will be played at MERV SULLIVAN (The Pit) - [Travel north
on Gottingen, turns into Novalea past Lady Hammond, right on Glebe Street,
left on Kencrest, field on hill to your left]

Division 2 WEEK IN REVIEW - Sept 12-18 (09/21/2005)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Tropical storm Ophelia caused enough havoc with the weather to cause the cancellation of all the Saturday and Sunday games.
Sunday turned out to be a nice day but of course the HRM is quick to close the fields if there is enough dew on the grass.
So for this week's week in review, we'll look back at some games that were not posted in time to make it into last week's edition before it went to the presses. There were also a couple of make-up games played so let's get started.

Sophomore Sensations 40 Curves 7

Our first game was one of those "Bermuda Triangle" games that got overlooked in the last review. Although I omitted to write anything about this game, I could have written this recap without knowing the result. The writing process would have probably gone something like this: OK. The Sens are 9-3 and Curves is 2-10. Todd Brine will have about 5 TD passes.
One of his receivers will probably have three of those touchdowns. Let's pick a name from the roster...how about Daniel Burbridge? Sounds good. Then we'll scatter the rest of the scores to the role players: R.J. Gerrior, Chris MacLean and Paul Moore. The defence will be solid and pick off Curves'
Q-Berts 7 times. How about some positives for Curves? Sure thing. C.J. Purdy: he'll have 3 sacks and Adam Smith will find Jimmy Nurse for their lone score. End result:
Sophomore Sensations stomp Curves 40-7 and move into double-digits in the win column. Curves will be Curves and hang out in the basement for another week.

Paint Can 46 Boston Pizza 21

Another one in our "Bermuda Triangle" series, the game between Paint Can and Boston Pizza appeared to be a great match-up on paper. Boston Pizza is a streaky team (currently in a downward
spiral) desperate for a victory while Paint Can has been riding the wave of the Danny Williams "Experience". Certainly they would like to keep Boston Pizza back in the pack with the bottom-feeders and keep third place to themselves. Indeed, the latter is what happened. Danny Williams had an out of body experience, thoroughly dissecting the beleaguered Boston Pizza team for 7 TD passes. Sean Flemming scored almost enough points to win the game on his own with 3 touchdowns and 2 one-point converts. Brian King found the end zone twice for Paint Can with (Scooby) Doobie Taylor and Troy "I ain't got all" Daye chipping in with a major each. Paint Can improved to 6-6 and kept Boston Pizza in the 3-way tie for whatever place with the Tigers and Grizzlies. Liam Higgins bagged whoever was throwing the ball for Boston Pizza 4 times and the Danny Williams "Experience" contributed defensively with 2 picks. Scoring for Boston Pizza in this lop-sided loss were Nathan George with 2 touchdowns, Jeff Keeler with one and single points were tacked on by Hake Nazaryan (2) and Joe Byrne (1).

Dartmouth Metals & Bottles 19 Boston Pizza 0

I haven't seen a whole lot of DMB this year aside from a game I lined last month. I know they like to chew out refs and linesmen when they don't agree with the calls (being on the receiving end of a barrage of berating comments myself). Regardless, what we had here is a decent Division 1 team and a Boston Pizza squad just waiting to be sliced and sold piece by piece. Mind you, DMB did not run away and hide in this one. Their defence pitched a shutout and the offence did enough to give DMB a comfortable 19-0 victory. Shawn Johnson was DMB's biggest contributor with a touchdown and 3 picks. Mike Davis and Jason Bailey also caught passes from Graham Sponagle who threw for 3 TDs in the victory.
While Boston Pizza did not win, their defence had 4 interceptions
(3 of them by Nathan George) and James White recorded two sacks.
If Chris Livingston had between 100% and able to play QB for Boston Pizza, they might have had a chance to pull this one out of the bag.
Instead, they're now 5-8 and will probably be playing either the Grizzlies, Tigers or Paint Can in their first game in the playoffs.

Storm 32 Paint Can 25

So, I just checked my email and there was a message from the "Experience" sitting in my inbox. He was wondering if for his player profile perhaps Mark Cluney could just take Michael Vick's curriculum vitae and paste it in there. Well, Danny, you'll just have to start beating teams like the Storm and maybe we'll start thinking of you in Vick-like terms. The Danny Williams "Experience" had high hopes of knocking of the Division One cellar-dwellers and moving to a game above the .500 mark. However, it just wasn't meant to be.
Storm's veteran QB Mike Mullally threw 4 touchdown passes and survived the "Experience" and Paint Can 32-25. Scott Ellison scored twice while Dan Caya, Sam Saade and Chuck Kline struck gold once each as the Storm earned just their second victory of the season. The "Experience" did well in his own right equaling Mullally's touchdown pass count, but Mullally proved to be a better steward of the ball.
Williams was picked off three times versus Mullally's lone hiccup and perhaps this was the difference in the game. Brian King scored two touchdowns for the second game in a row for Paint Can and Sean Flemming and Mike Matheson chimed in with a touchdown each in a losing effort. Despite the loss, Paint Can is solidly in third place in a division that strongly resembles the National League Central in MLB where you've got St. Louis and Houston and then a bunch of other teams going nowhere. A 6-7 record is nothing to sneeze at in Division 2.

Curves 33 G-Men 14

Finally, to close off the week's action, we had Curves hoping to draw even with the G-Men at the bottom of Division 2, and Curves got the job done. C.J. Purdy terrorized Tom Fleet and the green men with 3 sacks and forced two interceptions (by Sean Arthur) setting the table for Adam "The Invisble Hand" Smith's free wheeling offence. Smith connected four times for touchdowns and helped convert 4 of Curves' 5 scores as they more than doubled the G-Men 33-14. Kyle Tucker scored twice and also had two converts while John Morash, Andrew Gautier and Dave Chapman each hit pay dirt once for a surging Curves squad riding high on a one-game winning streak. Not to be completely out-done, the G-Men's Nic Barr tagged Smith four times in the backfield to give his team a chance. Chico Francis and John Moshette had 8 and 6 points respectively in defeat. Certainly it has been a long season for the G-Men who are only two years removed from their glorious
2003 season when they came from out of nowhere to squeak by the Grizzlies 15-14 in the Division 2 final. Both Curves and G-Men are currently idling at 3-10 and have only the slimmest of chances of catching the teams ahead of them. Inevitably, one of these teams is going to have to face Subway in the first game of the playoffs. The lucky seventh place team will get to playoff against the Sophomore Sensations.

DIVISION 2 WEEK IN REVIEW - September 5-11, 2005 (09/13/2005)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

There must have been a hangover from the long weekend as it was a bit of a sleeper this week in Division 2. A couple of games were rescheduled and there was a Paint Can/Boston Pizza game scheduled for Sunday for which no score had been posted at the time of this writing. However, four games were played and the teams held true to their respective paths (i.e. there were no upsets). Before I start, I should mention that Chris Livingston from Boston Pizza took the time to write me and indicated that a fracture on his throwing hand has been hampering his ability to quarterback the team. Perhaps this explains why Boston Pizza has not looked like Boston Pizza lately. Also, Paint Can was somewhat successful in the protest of their 13-12 loss to Curves a few weeks ago. Danny Williams was denied entry into the game when he showed up with only 10 minutes remaining. Curves managed to hold the lead and earn the win but they might have to hold on for 10 more minutes. The final 10 minutes of the game will be replayed on October 2nd if the result of the game has ramifications for the final standings. If this happens, this game will surely be the longest in MTFL history.

Tigers 33 Curves 6
(Submitted by Brian Nicholson)

The Tigers notched a "W" against the new up-and-coming team in ochre (ed. "somewhat orange" for all you regular folk), Curves. After successfully stopping the Tigers on their own goal line, Curves marched the ball until Keith Sheppard picked off a pass. The Tigers then got into a good offensive rhythm with Gary Walsh at the helm. He found his favourite targets Jay Holm, Jim Debner and Marcus McLeod for majors. Marcus, boomed a single from mid-field to end the first half. The G-Men's John Moshette would have been proud of the punt by the Australian Rules Football convert McLeod. Sadly, Marcus heads back to the land "down under" after this year's playoffs to continue his studies. Curves' center John Morash claimed the only score for his team on a sizzling pass from pivot Adam Smith.

Sophomore Sensations 33 Grizzlies 27

Here is a prime example of two teams going in opposite directions. When they met earlier this season, the Grizzlies and the Sens were tied with Subway at 3-0. Since then, the Sens have gone 6-3 and the Grizzlies have imploded with only two wins in their last ten games. So the Grizzlies had something to prove this game while the Sophomore Sensations were looking to clinch second place. As usual, Todd Brine shone with five TD passes as he darted around the Grizzlies' rushers the entire game creating space for his receivers. Chris MacLean was on the receiving end of two of Brine's passes and he also led the way for the defence sacking Matt Clow 3 times. Kevin Burbridge, Jonathan Mailman and Kevin Melvin chipped with a touchdown each for the Sens. Of course, the Grizzlies did manage to hang around in this game. Chuck Morash found the end zone twice and Mark Chappell, team leader in interceptions, added two more trophies to his collection for the Grizzlies who now have little hope of avoiding yet another losing season. However, at 5-8, the Grizzlies could still finish as high as third in Division 2 if they can remember how to win. The Sophomore Sensations can guarantee themselves second place if they can win one more game.

Hawkeyes 45 Tigers 14
(Submitted by Brian Nicholson)

The Tigers fell to a wiley veteran team from the upper division. Glen Briand looked sharp with two strikes to Norm Richard. Leo MacKay intercepted an errant pass and took it to the house on the Tigers' first possession of the second half. Brian Nicholson and the speed demon Jim Debner caught passes from Fred Bonner and Gary Walsh for the Tigers' only majors. Scott Thieu, a newcomer to the team and the league looked great on the Hawkeyes' convert attempts getting their QB for three of his four sacks. The loss dropped the Tigers into a zillion-way tie for "middle-place" in Division 2. It's looking like everyone but the Sens and Subway are going to end the season at 5-11 or 6-10. Fortunately for these teams, everyone makes the playoffs. Next up for the Tigers is Boston Pizza on Sunday.

Subway 61 G-Men 6

And the G-Men's winning streak has ended at one. Yes, not so surprisingly, the momentum they carried into the game against Subway fizzled quickly as Subway handed the G-Men a good, old-fashioned thrashing of epic proportions. Garrick MacLaughlin came close to pulling a "Mike Mahar" with a 6-pack-sack performance. Rick Rivers tossed 5 TDs before retiring for the day. A.J. Tulford led the way for Subway with three touchdowns and two interceptions. Trevor Slaunwhite and Andrew Hebb (seem to mention these guys every week) hauled in two touchdowns apiece. Ryan Henneberry and Todd Van Ritchie rounded out the touchdown parade. Subway improves to 12-1 with the victory. As for the G-Men, their winning percentage slipped back to .250 (3-9) as did their hopes of catching Boston Pizza (haha).

Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Another week is done, and after the dust settled, six of Division 2's eight teams have losing records. Subway and the Sophomore Sensations appear to be locks for taking first and second place. Aside from these teams, only Paint Can (when Danny Williams is in the lineup) is showing signs of life. Speaking of which, last week in my description of the Paint Can/Curves result, a couple of facts were pointed out to me after the column went live. Firstly, Danny Williams was late for the kickoff and was denied entry into the game.
Paint Can is protesting. Secondly, both Curves' scores came directly off interception returns. So, I offer my apologies to Paint Can for being perhaps a bit harsh in my assessment of their game. Although they did lose to Curves for the second time this season, so they were an easy target.
If anyone else out there wants to direct my attention to any details of their game, send me an email:

Subway 30 Tigers 6

Subway took aim and picked off yet another weak Division 2 opponent crushing the Tigers 30-6. Mike Mahar had the game of his life sacking Tigers' quarterbacks seven times. As a fellow pass rusher, I find this quite a remarkable feat. I suspect Subway must have been covering the Tigers' receivers well, forcing the quarterback to hold onto the ball longer than intended. Nonetheless, seven sacks in one game must be close to a league record. Aside from Subway's tremendous defensive effort, Rick Rivers and the offence scored four touchdowns -- converting all of them with 2-pointers. Scoring for Subway were Ryan Henneberry with 12, Andrew Hebb with 8, Trevor Slaunwhite with 6 and A.J. Tufford and Todd Van Ritchie each had a 2-point conversion. Jason Holm recorded the only Tigers' touchdown and Brent Ferguson sacked Rivers twice (not
bad) in a losing effort. The win pushed Subway to 10-1 and the loss dropped the Tigers to 4-7.

Budweiser 49 Grizzlies 7

Ouch! This definitely was a game to forget for the Grizzlies.
Junior LeBlanc and his Budweiser squad rolled up the score.
In fact, every Budweiser player, aside from Junior who was busy throwing the ball, managed to hit the scoresheet. Ron Lirette led the way with 13 points and Kenneth McOnie and Mike McPherson each scored 12 points in the Budweiser victory. The Grizzlies were hoping to pull off another upset victory over a Division 1 team as they did last year when they defeated Molson Export.
However, highlights in this game were few and far between for the Griz. Billy Reyno scored on a crisply thrown pass from Colin MacNeil and went the distance on a 60-yard score, Mark Chappell added the 1-point conversion, but that was about it. With the loss, the Grizlies fell back below the .500 mark. This game produced the rare occurrence where every touchdown was converted.

Subway 38 Boston Pizza 0

This is one of those results that is difficult to understand.
Most people might have expected Subway to win this game, but 38-0? Subway thrashed the life out of Boston Pizza and have now all but clinched first place in Division 2 with an 11-1 record and only 4 games to go. Mike Mahar followed up his
7 sack performance against the Tigers with two more against the usually agile Chris Livingston. Gordie Giles and Trevor Slaunwhite each picked Livingston twice as Subway's defence pitched a shutout. Rick Rivers shared quarterbacking duties with Slaunwhite. Rivers had 3 touchdown passes while Slaunwhite had 2. Scoring for Subway were Andrew Hebb (10), Ryan Henneberry (8), Bud Snow (8), Trevor Slaunwhite (6) and AJ Tufford (6).
Mike Fogarty was the only Boston Pizza player to record league statistics with two interceptions. Boston Pizza falls to 5-5 and sits in the middle of the pack in the division.

Paint Can 40 Tigers 6

This game featured Paint Can' offence playing to its potential.
Daniel Williams could do no wrong with five touchdown passes and he returned an interception for a touchdown as Paint Can easily downed the Tigers 40-6. Defensively, the tigers had no answers as Williams who danced like a butterfly and stung like a bee. He hit his favourite target Doobie Taylor for two touchdowns and a 2-point convert. His other three touchdowns passes landed in the hands of Troy Daye, Brian King and Tony Zang. Danny Williams had 2 picks and Liam Higgins had 3 sacks for the winners.
Paint Can was coming off a loss to the lowly Curves team last week and responded well. They are now 5-6 and sit a game above the 4-7 Tigers and a half game above the Grizzlies.

G-Men 18 Grizzlies 14

It seems the stench of defeat that hovered about the Grizzlies during their earlier four-game losing streak has not quite dissipated. Despite holding the G-Men under the 20-point mark and picking off 6 passes, the Grizzlies lost to the G-Men 18-14.
The G-Men pulled off the victory despite having to play the entire game with only 7 players. However, it seems they have solved their quarterbacking problem to some extent. Tom Fleet demonstrated great leadership in the huddle and was effective throwing the ball and running when he had to. The always dangerous Phil Clark caught two of Fleet's passes for touchdowns (including the winner mid-way through the fourth quarter) and Jim Murphy had another other TD reception for the G-Men who improve to 3-8 on the season. Although the Grizzlies did manage to intercept 6 of Fleet's passes, they seemed eager to give the ball right back throwing 5 interceptions themselves. It was 12-0 G-Men after the first quarter, but the Grizzlies roared back in the second as Matt Clow found Keith Singh twice in the end zone. Both touchdowns were converted to give the Grizzlies a 14-12 lead at the half. However, the Grizzlies would not get a sniff of the end zone in the second half, and when you don't score, eventually, your opponent will take advantage of you.
Phil Clark's winner in the fourth quarter sent the Grizzlies to their seventh loss of the season. They now sit at 5-7. Certainly, this is well below expectations and it will be a struggle for the Grizzlies to achieve a .500 record. Three of their four remaining games are against teams currently ahead of the Grizzlies in the standings. The Grizzlies had a touchdown called back on their first drive of the game when Matt Clow's shovel pass to Mark Chappell was ruled an illegal offside pass.

Submitted by: Raland Kinley

To begin this week's edition of the MTFL Division 2 Week In Review, I'd like to correct an item from last week. In the Curves/G-Men game, I said that Nic Barr had scored a 2-point conversion to win it for the G-Men. In fact, Nic's 2-pointer was a safety touch (much more impressive I reckon). Point being, I'm not at every game. In fact, I probably only catch the tail end of the game that's happening before my team (the Grizzlies) takes the field. So if you have something to say about a game you have played in, let me know and I'll include it in the column. Having the real details adds some colour to the box score results. You can reach me with your comments at discm@discorporatemusic.com.

Moving on to the results now, the rain stayed away this week so all the games were contested. There were some interesting matchups and a couple of Division 1 versus Division 2 games.
Let's see what happened.

Pogue Fado 39 Subway 24

Rick Rivers' Subway squad finally met its match on this day.
Division 1 leader Pogue Fado stepped up to the plate and walked away with a fairly convincing victory. Andrew Hebb had all three majors for Subway. Ryan Henneberry, Trevor Slaunwhite and Mike Mahar (say it ain't so?) rounded out Subway's scoring each with 2 points. Mike, was that a safety touch? Surely Rick doesn't allow you to play on the offence? All kidding aside, there likely aren't too many Division 2 teams who would be too eager to play Pogue. Certainly, they are used to playing at a much higher level than Division 2 can offer. However, I'm betting Subway had the date of this game circled on their calendar. Overall, it was a close contest until the final quarter. Up by only 2-points early in the fourth, Pogue Fado converted two interceptions into touchdowns to put the game out of reach. Ryan Jones had 5 TD passes and Pogue Fado's defence picked Rivers 5 times to earn the win. Jonah Taussig had two of Pogue's touchdowns and Mark Cluney, Ryan Jones, Rodney Kemp and Trent Laing each booked one-way tickets to the end zone. Despite the loss, Subway is still comfortably in front of Division 2 with a 9-1 mark.

Grizzlies 39 Boston Pizza 33

Two streaks came to an end in this third and final meeting of the season between rivals Boston Pizza and the Grizzlies.
The Grizzlies snapped their four-game skid by downing the surging Boston Pizza team 39-33 in a well-played shootout.
Matt Clow led the Grizzlies offence with 6 touchdown passes to spurn Boston Pizza who had their five-game winning streak come to an abrupt halt. Marc Reardon found the end zone 3 times for the Grizzlies while Keith Singh, the team's receptions leader, added 11 more catches to his total, scored a touchdown and had two important 1-point conversions. Center Felix Omolayole and receiver Mike Siauw had the other Grizzlies'
scores. Boston Pizza also had its stars though. Mike Shea carried them on the scoreboard with a 25-point (4 TDs,
1 one-pointer) performance and Chris Livingston was strong at quarterback with 5 touchdown passes. Bernie Keeping, who always seems to be good for a touchdown against the Grizzlies, upheld his end of the bargain with a touchdown and a 1-point convert. The result of this game was essentially decided by who scored last. This time it happened to be the Grizzlies, and they made the lead hold when Raland Kinley sacked Livingston on third down with only 5 plays remaining. The Grizzlies sit temporarily alone in fourth place at 5-5 while Boston Pizza, also with 5 wins but with a game in hand, are in third place.

10 Years After 22 Sophomore Sensations 20

You could just tell this was going to be a bit of a barnburner.
The Sophomore Sensations entered this game with a 6-2 record against Division 2 opponents while 10 Years After rolled in from Division 1 with a 5-3 mark. Mike Flynn (MTFL President and 10 Years After player) commented that the Sens were a very tough opponent and are his pick to take the Division 2 crown based on their performance this year and in this game. He might be right.
Todd Brine and his gang hung around and made things interesting.
Brine completed touchdown passes to Daniel Burbridge, Tarek El-Bitar and Chuckie Langille, and Jonathan Mailman added a 2-point convert to make this a game. However, 10 Years After met the Sens score for score. The difference was they converted one more touchdown than the Sophomore Sensations and prevented themselves from becoming one of the few Division 1 teams in history to lose to a lower division opponent. Kevin Hamm hit Mark Mahoney twice and Adam Crowe once in the end zone. Matt Flynn and Shane Gushue had the deciding 2-point conversions for 10 Years After.

Sophomore Sensations 25 G-Men 6

And with this result, the G-Men's winning streak has stalled at one. Todd Brine and the Sophomore Sens pounded the G-Men and now sit securely in second place with at 7-3. Brine spread the ball around nicely as his 4 touchdown passes were completed to four different receivers: Tarek El-Bitar, Chuckie Langille, Chris MacLean and Shawn Walsh acted as the lucky recipients.
Defensively, Chris MacLean lambasted the G-Men with 4 quarterback sacks. Scott Ingram had the token score for the G-Men who slip to 2-8 on the season. With a 2-game lead in the standings over Boston Pizza, the Sensations can pretty much lock up second place (barring a total collapse) if they can defeat the pizza boys in a make-up game this weekend.

Curves 13 Paint Can 12

Paint Can...can anyone figure out exactly what kind of team this is? They roared back to defeat the Grizzlies 27-26 two weeks ago, and today they lose to Curves for the second time this season. Curves hasn't beat anyone else this year, but they seem to know the score with Paint Can. C.J. Purdy, typically one of the only Curves players to be mentioned in this column, had a monster performance with a touchdown and the deciding 1-point conversion. Adding insult to injury, he also sacked Danny Williams 4 times to help Curves claw out the 13-12 victory.
Also scoring for Curves was Sean Arthur, but it was their defence that really brought the hammer down on Paint Can.
In addition to Purdy's four sacks, Curves picked Williams five times. Only Doobie Taylor and Timothy Cosgrove were able to break through Curves' armour and score. Mark Rosen had 2 sacks for Paint Can in their losing effort. Paint Can falls to 4-6 with the loss while Curves bubbles up to 2-8.

Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Welcome to the latest edition of the MTFL Division 2 Week In Review. Thunderstorms and heavy downpours wreaked havoc with the schedule and two games were cancelled as a result.
Division 1's Storm and Division 2's Paint Can were unable to play last Thursday night, and the highly anticipated meeting between Boston Pizza and the Sophomore Sensations was also scrubbed due to wet conditions. As for the three games that were played, they had little impact on the standings. Here's a quick recap of what transpired.

Subway 42 Paint Can 12

Subway is truly the class of Division 2 and an undefeated season isn't beyond the realm of possibilities for them.
Paint Can was still in this game early in the third quarter after a Danny Williams' scramble to the Subway 2-yard line setup a major to pull Paint Can with 10 points. However, it was all downhill from there as Subway ran away with the game and made it look easy. Al Tulford and Todd Van Ritchie each scored twice and Trevor Slaunwhite and Andrew Hebb each added a touchdown for the victors. Rick Rivers was solid once again with 5 TD passes compared to only a single interception. Timothy Cosgrove and Sean Flemming scored for Paint Can in a losing causing. The win pushes Subway to 9-0 and gives them a comfortable 3-win cushion atop the Division 2 standings. The loss for Paint Can drops them into a 3-way tie for fourth place with the Tigers and Grizzlies.

Tigers 36 Grizzlies 21

The Grizzlies are stuck in a rut and the Tigers kept them there handing the Griz their fourth consecutive loss by the score of 36-21. Essentially, the Tigers' offence was able to move like a fish through water against the Grizzlies' D.
In their eight offensive series, the Tigers were only stopped twice - once by halftime whistle and they were once forced to punt. They were stopped by the end zone the other six times.
Gary Walsh had a perfect game throwing for six touchdowns without a single interception. Fred Bonner scored twice and Brian Nicholson, Jason Holm, Dave Filmore and Scott Thomas each scored once for the Tigers. Given that the Grizzlies could barely defend themselves from the Tigers, it meant the Grizzlies would have had to score at will just to keep pace, but they could not. The Tigers' long scoring drives kept the Griz offence on the sidelines most of the game. However, Matt Clow played well at QB for the the bears completing 24 of 36 passes, throwing three TDs and only one pick.
Colin MacNeil was the Grizzlies' offensive leader with 11 receptions, one touchdown and a convert. Both the Tigers and Grizzlies now stand at 4-5 on the season.

G-Men 14 Curves 13

Somebody had to win this game as the two 1-7 teams played off for basement supremacy. Curves obviously wanted their comfy spot in the cellar just a bit more than the G-Men as they dropped the 1-point decision. Chico Francis had two touchdowns for the G-Men and Nic Barr added the dagger in the heart with a two-point convert that proved to be the difference. He also recorded 3 sacks against speedy quarterback Adam Smith. Phil Clark did a nice job quarterbacking a bad team as he threw 2 TD passes, was picked only once and was not sacked. C.J. Purdy accounted for all 13 points put on the board by Curves.

DIVISION 1 WEEK IN REVIEW - Aug 1st - 7th (08/09/2005)
Submitted by: Mike Flynn

This was another slow week with only 2 games on tap for the top tier. This week's match-ups saw the 1-6 Storm team face off against a surging 10 Years squad. The other game pitted Pogue Fado coming off its big Natal Day win, versus Budweiser. As I was on vacation for the week, the game updates are being made by Mike Flynn.

The Storm struggled to mount an offensive attack as they were playing without team leader and starting QB Mike Mullally. The ever-improving Kevin Hamm tossed 4 TD passes to 4 different targets as 10 Years After won easily 27-6. Adam Crowe was a game star with 3 sacks, a safety, and a TD (should be a inspiration to all you rushers out there!) The lone Storm score came on a one-handed snag off a short post pattern by Sam Saade.

Wednesday's tilt was also not very close as Mark "I'm not the backup" Cluney improved to 3 - 0 as a starter. The Bud team looked lost as it played without 3 of its star players, Steve Sarty, Ronnie Lirette, and JR LeBlanc. The Snake hit Jonah Taussig for 2 TD?s and league scoring leader 'Hot' Rod Kemp to put it away. The final was a sound 22-6 win, putting Pogue alone atop the standings, and bumping Bud into a second place tie with 10 Years. With a host of big games in the next few weeks we can expect to see some more flip-flopping in the standings.

See you next week.

Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Welcome to another edition of the MFTL Division 2 Week In Review. The past week saw Boston Pizza's hot streak continue as did the Grizzlies' faltering ways.
The cream is rising to the top, but it's not too late for the teams in the middle of the pack to get back into the race. Although it appears only a miracle will stop Subway from claiming the division crown again this season.
However, the Sophomore Sensations are hanging in there.
Congratulations to the Tigers who are going to this year's Nationals in Ottawa. Their successful fundraising during the Natal Day tournament has given them the support they need to make it happen. The Tigers will take their show on the road along with a few Tigers' alumni (Jared and Brandon McGinn). Good luck guys!

Boston Pizza 37 Grizzlies 25

Chris Livingston and Boston Pizza sliced and diced their way through the Grizzlies' defence en route to a 37-25 victory at Beazley field. The Grizzlies were caught flat-footed several times in the first half as Boston Pizza raced out to a 25-12 halftime lead. While the Grizzlies managed to tighten up their play in the second half, the hill was just too tough to climb. Livingston was absolutely flawless throwing 6 touchdown passes and no interceptions. Mike Shea (also had a convert) and Hake Nazaryan each scored twice and Jeff Keeler and Nathan George score once for Boston Pizza.
While Boston Pizza rolled on offence, the Grizzlies were inconsistent. The turning point came early in the fourth quarter when Livingston picked off a Matt Clow offering in the end zone and romped all the way to the Grizzlies'
50 yard line. Had the Grizzlies scored on this drive, they could have cut the Boston Pizza lead to 6 or less.
However, it just wasn't meant to be for the Grizzlies who dropped their third decision in four games.
Scoring for the Grizzlies were Keith Singh, Matt Clow and Peter Miller. Chris Drover added a 1-point convert.

Sophomore Sensations 20 Tigers 18
(commentary provided by Brian Nicholson)

The game between the Tigers and Sophomore Sensations came down to a last ditch effort by the Tigers on a failed 2-point convert attempt to tie the game with 3 plays remaining.
RJ Gerrior accounted for 13 of the 20 Sensation points on passes from Nathan Beeler. Fred Bonner the hearty veteran lined up in Gary Walsh's QB position to fire two strikes and get a pick. Fred's 80+ yard kick off return set up the Tigers last score as well (not bad for "an old guy"!).
Colin Franz chipped in with an interception and executed a nifty lateral to long-time Tiger Chuck Wurster who completed the run for the major. The Tigers slipped to 3-5 but are looking forward to their game against the Grizzlies on August 14th.

Subway 61 Curves 18

I suspect there wasn't a whole lot of debate about what the result of this game would be. Rick Rivers, Trevor Slaunwhite, and Todd Van Ritchie combined for 8 touchdown passes as Subway roasted Curves in this first versus worst battle.
Andrew Hebb was on fire with 22 points in the game
(3 touchdowns, 2 2-point converts). Trevor Slaunwhite and Al Tulford each had 2 touchdowns and a 2-point for the undefeated leaders of Division 2. Curves will be a contender if they stick with it, but this game will have to go into the books as a learning experience.

Paint Can 27 Grizzlies 26

The Grizzlies suffered another heart-breaking defeat at the hands of an often ill-mannered, foul-mouthed Paint Can team.
Colin MacNeil was picked off only twice but Paint Can managed to capitalize both times. The first time came after the Griz had taken a 20-13 lead. Mike Matheson stepped in front of a pass out in the flat and took it to the house. Danny Williams scrambled around and found Doobie Taylor in the back of the end zone to tie the game at 20. Chris Drover answered right back for the Grizzlies to put them up 26-20, and that's how the score remained until late in the fourth quarter.
The Grizzlies were intercepted again in their own end of the field with only 5 plays remaining. Danny Williams and Paint Can tied the game with only one play to go and won it when they made good on the ensuing 1-point conversion. The win draws Paint Can even in the standings with the Grizzlies.
The Grizzlies have gone cold after starting the season at 4-1. Since then, they have dropped 3 straight contests.

Boston Pizza 26 G-Men 18

Rounding out week 7 on the MFTL schedule was the battle of Chris Livington against his former G-Men teammates. The G-Men have suffered badly this season without their former pivot and entered the game with a 1-6 mark. Few would have expected this game to be as close as it ended up being.
The G-Men managed to keep things respectable, but Livingston and Boston Pizza had the last laugh. Mike Fogarty and Mike Shea hit the end zone twice for the winning side.
Original G-Men (and Superstore Insiders!!!) Phil Clarke (2) and Jim Murphy (1) tallied majors for the losing side.
With their second victory of the week, Boston Pizza now owns third place in the division. They will put their 5-game winning streak on the line against the second place Sophomore Sensations in week 8. It should be a good game.
The Sens beat up on Boston Pizza in week 1, but Boston Pizza is a much different team now.

Pogue Fado Takes Natal Day Crown (08/04/2005)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

An exhausted Pogue Fado defeated a stubborn Moncton Fox n Hounds 15-0 on Sunday, July 31 in the championship game of the annual Halifax Natal Day Tournament. Ryan Jones hit Trent "Yardsale" Laing and Mark Cluney for TDs and the Pogue defence, led by lightning fast rusher Dean Jones, kept the Fox n Hound team under wraps. The win marks the second consecutive year that Pogue has won the Natal Day tournament. The game was attended unofficially by 109 fans, 100 of which were loaded.

A vocal contigent of players from Moncton teams slurred heckles at the Pogue squad at every dropped pass and miscue, but this only seemed to fuel the determined Pogue squad. As one Pogue player noted "It was like playing at Mt.A again."

The Fox n Hound couldn't seem to get untracked, as star receiver Craig Fougere never quite made his normal impact on the game.

Pogue got there by beating the Hawkeyes by 9 points earlier in the day in the Halifax division final, while Fox took the Moncton side by edging Young Guns. The Pogue - Hawkeyes game was a well played matchup as Pogue prevailed over the veteran Hawkeyes led by the reunited Glenny Briand - Junior LeBlanc tandem.

Thanks for a great organizing effort by the Tigers, who are fundraising for a possible trip to the Nationals in the Fall. Teams appreciated not having to line games, particularly with the warm weather and competitive play. See you all next year.

Natal Day 2005 Day 1 - Moncton Teams Deadlocked (07/31/2005)
Submitted by: Mike Flynn

Under bright sunshine in Halifax on Saturday, all Moncton teams are tied at 1-1 heading into Sunday AM. The day started with Hawkeyes edging Young Guns by a single point in a Rouge-fest (4th quater scoring consisted of 3 singles). Glenn Briand launched the kick from the 5 on the last play of the game. Pogue fell by the same margin to Fox n Hounds (21-20), and the Bulldogs ran away from 10 Years by 14. In the afternoon, Pogue (with 7 players) came on strong to beat an under-manned Bulldogs team 24-6. Fox and 'forgot-to-show-ups' were no match for Hawkeyes, who won easily by 3 TDs. And in a must-win tilt, a tough-luck 10 Years After fell short in their second half comeback, taking it down to the wire but going down to an impressive Young Guns squad.

On the Halifax side, it's Hawkeyes at 2-0, Pogue 1-1 and 10 Years 0-2.
Key games for the Moncton boys in the morning. Play gets underway at 8:45AM South Commons. Methinks the team that parties the best tonight, may well lose face the spoils in the morning ... Should be a great finish.

DIV 1 Week in Review #2 - July 18 - 24th (07/28/2005)
Submitted by: Junior LeBlanc

As I predicted the short handed Hawkeyes were unable to stop or slow down the balanced offence of the powerhouse Bud squad. It became evident that the game was not going to be close when Jordan Taylor had to leave the game early in the second quarter after injuring his already broken finger. The Hawkeyes were also without all star db Randy Rudel, which didn't help matters. The shifting, ball hungry Bud defence was able to pick off Hawkeye qb Glen Briand 4 times as it rolled to an easy 46-0 victory. Bud was led by center Kennie McOnie who had 14 pts.

That's it for this week, see you all after Natal Day. Good luck to all the teams from N.S.

DIVISION 1 WEEK IN REVIEW - July 18th - 24th (07/27/2005)
Submitted by: Junior LeBlanc

Welcome to the initial report of the MTFL Week in review - Division I

This week was fairly quiet week after the fiasco between 10 Years After and Dartmouth Metals & Bottles, and the greatly anticipated game between Pogue and Bud.

The only game this weekend saw the powerhouse Pogue Fado team face off against an undermanned Storm team. The outcome was a 27-6 drubbing but from what I hear it wasn't nearly that close. Playing without all MTFL corner Jim MacGowan, the Storm's defence was an easy target for the 2-time league MVP Ryan Jones. Pogue was led by Rodney Kemp who with 2 TDs took over the first division scoring race. The other 2 Pogue TDs were scored by Mike Carter and Mike 'Great' Wall (of China). The only Storm TD was scored by the speedy Chuck Kline.

As for this week's games we only have 1 on the slate and that pits the 4-1 Bud team against the 1-4 Hawkeye group. They already faced off once with Bud winning in a breeze 38-14. And with the Hawkeyes playing without leading scorer Jordan Taylor and the iffy health of the great Rat it could be another long night for the Hawkeyes.

And that's it for this week.

Natal Day Schedule (07/27/2005)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

The Natal Day tournament is coming up this weekend, and the organizing commitee has finalized the schedule. To view the schedule, please click on the Natal Day Sched link on the left hand navigation pane. Note that the tournament is moving from its usual Commons location and will be held at the South Commons and St.Francis instead.

The tournament this year will feature a Moncton vs. Halifax final. All 3 Halifax teams will play the 3 Moncton teams in the preliminary round, and vice versa. There will be a Hail Mary competition as well to add to the excitement.

We would like to thank Smirnoff for again sponsoring the tournament this year, and for Dal Med for organizing things. See you at the games!

MTFL DIVISION 2 WEEK IN REVIEW - July 18-24, 2005 (07/26/2005)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

This being the first installment of the MTFL Division 2 "Week In Review"
column, I'd like to say that input from the Division 2 teams would be greatly appreciated. We would like to hear both sides of the story from the people who actually played the games. So for next week, if you participate in the games, send me a few sentences about what happened in your game(s) and I'll incorporate it into the "Week In Review". You can send your comments to discm@discorporatemusic.com.

This was week 6 on the MTFL schedule with most teams in Division 2 now having played 6 or 7 games. This week saw Rick Rivers' Subway squad create some separation between themselves and the rest of the pack. They are now 2 games clear of the Sophomore Sensations and the Grizzlies in the loss column. Meanwhile, Paint Can and Boston Pizza began making a move to the top with quality wins. Here is a recap of what happened:

Sophomore Sensations 28 G-Men 0

The sensational Sophomore Sensations thoroughly dissected one of Division 2's weakest teams. Todd Brine tossed 3 touchdown passes and connected on all 4 convert attempts for the winners. Scoring touchdowns for the Sens were Nathan Beeler, RJ Gerrior, Joey Sampson and another shy individual who didn't want their touchdown mentioned in the box score. The Sophomore Sensations are this season's most improved team in Division 2. They play at a high tempo and force defences to be on their toes at all times. The loss for the G-Men was their fifth of the season as they continue to make their case for the Division 2 basement.

Subway 24 Grizzlies 18

No matter what Rick Rivers calls his team, he always seems to have the Grizzlies' number. Rivers and his squad built up a 24-0 advantage mid-way through the third quarter and held on for the 24-18 victory. Colin MacNeil made his return to the Grizzlies' lineup in the second half throwing for three touchdowns in a comeback attempt that fell just short. Marc Reardon, the Grizzlies' leading scorer, was forced to quarterback the team in the first half and he played well. However, key drops by Grizzlies' receivers often stalled drives and gave Subway good field position to work with. Defensively, the Grizzlies gave Rick Rivers all he could handle. They picked him off 5 times, batted down 10 other pass attempts and sacked him once. As usual though, the experience of the Subway team carried them to victory and kept them undefeated in 2005.

Boston Pizza 40 Tigers 12

Chris Livingston passed for 6 touchdowns and repeatedly ran the ball straight down the throats of the Tigers in this rather unbalanced affair.
Brian Nicholson of the Tigers likened his team's play to that of a bunch of elementary school kids. Boston Pizza throttled the Tigers taking no prisoners as Nathan George, Hake Nazaryan and Ian Peacocke each scored in the double-digits. Boston Pizza had been off to a slow start this season losing their first 3 games. However, they have managed to right the ship rattling off 3 straight victories. The Tigers are a veteran team and have seen mixed results so far this year. Despite their up and down season, the Tigers are capable of defeating any team in Division 2. Their experience and consistently strong team play keep them in every game.
Although not in this case...

Paint Can 25 Sophomore Sensations 0

And this week's shocker is brought to you by...Paint Can. Daniel Williams and his squad humbled the highly talented Sophomore Sensations with a 25-0 shutout win. It appears QB Todd Brine was missing from the Sensations' lineup as his name is absent from the box score. However, this result for Paint Can is still impressive. Williams assaulted the Sophomores with 4 touchdown passes on offence and chipped in with 3 picks defensively to lead the way for Paint Can. Overall, Sophomore Sensations QBs were intercepted 7 times in the game. The Sens were likely asking, "Todd, where are you?" The loss put the Sensations two losses back of first place Subway.

Tigers 26 G-Men 12

Having been trounced in their previous game, the Tigers were looking for a good "pick-me-up". Enter the hapless G-Men. The Tigers took advantage of their basement-dwelling opposition to earn their fourth win of the season and bring them back to the .500 mark. Scott Thieu had two sacks, Jason Holm scored twice and David Fillmore and Marc Pollet each added a touchdown for the winners. Gary Walsh, the stalwart Tigers' QB had 4 touchdown passes but was intercepted 4 times by the G-Men's John Moshette.
Moshette also scored a touchdown as did his teammate Jim Murphy in a losing effort.

Boston Pizza 36 Curves 6

Curves are newcomers to the MFTL and Division 2. Thus far, their opposition has failed to provide them with a warm welcome. Boston Pizza beat up on Curves and powered their way to their second victory of the week. Billy Robinson had 5 touchdown passes and threw no interceptions in what appears to have been a rather error-free game for the Pizza boys.
Mike Shea had a huge game for BP with 2 touchdowns and 3 one-point conversions. Neal Peacocke, Jeff Keeler and Nathan George rounded out the scoring as Boston Pizza kept pace with the Tigers at 3-3. Curves' lone score came from John Morash. The loss dropped Curves to 1-6 leaving them in the cellar with the G-Men.

TRASH TALK IS BACK (07/21/2005)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

Sharpen your wits boys, trash talking is back after a 3 year hiatus...

MTFL executive has tentatively agreed to resume trash talking on the site. The controversial plan will allow outspoken MTFL members such as Greg O'Brien to idle away their "work" days spewing forth random knee jerk reactions to the latest issues of the league. There was talk of a "Geoff Johnson" clause limiting the amount of trash that people could shovel, but the MTFL ratified unlimited access to the web log, allowing O'Brien the chance to brow beat the league into submission with his rants.

Anyway, the rules are simple. No personal attacks and try to keep the language within bounds! The trash site had to be removed a few years back when things went over the top. Let's keep this one pointed but harmless.

Injuries (07/13/2005)
Submitted by: Mike Flynn

We've seen some fairly serious injuries in the early games this year.

For those that are out and maybe for several months, the six game rule (for playoff eligibility) comes to mind. I will take this up with the executive to assess if we have any options. Injured players can still show up to games and be recorded on the game sheet ... For those that can't, we will review to see if there is a case to look at individual circumstances.

The spirit of the rule is to prevent teams from bringing in ringers for the playoffs.

2005 Natal Day Tourney (07/13/2005)
Submitted by: Mike Flynn

The MTFL League is hosting the annual Natal Day Tournament in Halifax on Fri, July 29 - Sunday July 31. We have 3 teams confirmed from New Brunswick with a possible 4th, and 3 teams (10 Years, Hawkeyes and Pogue Fado) from our league. We are looking for a minimum of 2 more teams from our league.

David Fillmore is heading up the organization for this event and the Dal Tigers will be handling minor officiating and running a barbeque as a fundraiser for their team. There will be some competitive events and prizes and freebies from sponsors (last few years it was Smirnoff Ice).

Please let us know asap if you are interested. David will provide details/ costs to anyone thinking of putting a team in. 3 games guaranteed.
Cross-overs and final Sunday afternoon.

2005 MTFL Referee's Clinic and Rules Update (06/19/2005)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

This year's referee's clinic will be held on Friday June 24 from 7-9pm at Sport Nova Scotia on Spring Garden Road. It will be held in the 4th floor conference room.

Anyone wishing to become a certified level one official should attend. Any new teams or players wishing to get a better understanding of the rules would likely benefit from attending this course.

There is no cost to the participants.

Please e-mail me by Wednesday June 22 so I can order rule books from Football Canada for participants.

Thank you.

Brian Nicholson

Treating Fields with Respect (06/11/2005)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

As we will be using a couple of new fields this year (South Commons and Beazely), it is in our best interests to treat these fields with respect and not annoy the powers that be at HRM uneccessarily. With that in mind, please clean after yourself when you are finished playing, the sidelines can get trashy in a hurry.

Also, League President Mike Flynn sent out the following email to all league reps regarding the use of Beazely Field:

FYI, played ex game tonight with Hawkeyes at Beazley. This complex has a 24 security guard who doesn't allow beer drinking but asks that we take it to the parking lot - very cool and understanding. Shouldn't be that bad, thinking we can go to the lower parking lot behind Caledonia school next door for a few afterwards. Don't forget to collect all garbage, let's keep this civilized.

Mike Flynn

2005 Season Kicks Off (06/11/2005)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

After a long offseason break, the 2005 season is finally here! There were some important changes made to the league this year, most notably field locations. New President Mike Flynn has done a fantastic job securing 2 quality new sites for the year; South Commons and Beazely Field in Dartmouth. Negotiations with the city were not always easy, so hats off to Mike for getting this done.

Division 1 remains in tact as a six team division, while Division 2 is now an eight team league. We'd like to take this opportunity to welcome Curves into the league, it is always great to have keen new teams.

The playoffs will remain in the two weekend double knockout format. They are slated to begin October 15-16 weekend and to conclude October 22-23, weather permitting.

Welcome back everyone and lets have a great season of football!

2004 Award Winners (03/14/2005)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

The 37th Annual MTFL Awards were handed out to recognize those who made a big impact on the field in 2004.

In Division 2, Mike Lynds of Truro was named the overall league MVP. Offensive MVP was given to the crafty Rick Rivers of Powerade, while tenacious rusher Dennis Drapeau of the Chaos was voted Defensive MVP. Rookie of the Year was given to Andrew Hebb of Powerade.

The major award winners in Division 1 were as follows; QB Ryan Jones of Molson Canadian Light/Pogue Fado was named Overall and Offensive MVP, the timeless Randy "Rat" Rudell was voted Defensive MVP, and Rookie of the Year went to Dean Jones of Molson Canadian Light/Pogue Fado.

Division 2 Offensive All Stars -
Mike Shea (Boston Pizza), James White (Boston Pizza), Billy Robinson (Boston Pizza), Ryan Henneberry (Powerade), Mike Lynds (Truro) and Rick Rivers (Powerade).

Division 2 Defensive All Stars -
Mike Fogarty (Boston Pizza), Chris MacAllister (Chaos), Kirk DeBay (Truro), Dave Fillmore (Tigers), Tony Zang (Paint Can), Ryan Henneberry (Powerade) and Dennis Drapeau (Chaos).

Division 1 Offensive All Stars -
Mike Davis (Dartmouth), Mike Carter (Molson Canadian Light/Pogue Fado), Mark Cluney(Molson Canadian Light/Pogue Fado), Matt Flynn (10 Years After), Trig Arnason (Molson Export), Ron Lirrette (Budweiser), Steve Sarty (Budweiser) and Ryan Jones (Molson Canadian Light/Pogue Fado).

Division 1 Defensive All Stars -
Adam Stinson (10 Years After), Pete Sarty (Budweiser), Jason Bailey (Dartmouth), Junior LeBlanc (Budweiser), Shawn Johnson (Dartmouth), Dean Jones (Molson Canadian Light/Pogue Fado) and Randy Rudell (Molson Export).

Many thanks to the Copper Penny for allowing us to host the awards banquet there.

League Meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 25 (03/24/2005)
Submitted by: Greg O'Brien


The 2005 season will soon be upon us (despite the inclement weather). We are having our initial league meeting on Thursday, March 24 at 7:00 PM. We have a change of venue this year. We will meet at the Alexander Keith's Brewery on Lower Water Street (Brewery Market). Steve Sarty of Labatt has been gracious enough to provide the facility for us. We might even squeeze in a beer if we behave (to the Dartmouth boys).

This meeting is mandatory, so you must have at least one team rep present or you will begin the '05 season with a fine. If you have any topics you would like to have on the agenda, please email them directly to me ASAP. I would appreciate if team reps would email back a confirmation of receipt of this message. You do not have to CC the group.

See you all then.


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