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Articles from 2007:

MTFL Fall League Schedule (10/26/2007)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Here is the balance of the schedule for the Fall League. Please note, this week only, Sunday, Nov 18, games begin at 8:30AM. Thanks.
Please note, because of the 6 weeks and 7 teams, there is a bit of imbalance in the schedule. All but TYA plays 2 games on one of the weeks.
Montebello plays a double-header this week.

Nov 18 8:30AM TYA vs Shockers
8:30AM Thunder vs Montebello
9:30AM Montebello vs Steelers
9:30AM DMB vs MacLean

Nov 25 10:00AM DMB vs Montebello
10:00AM TYA vs Steelers
11:00AM Thunder vs MacLean
11:00AM Shockers vs Steelers

Dec 2 10:00AM Steelers vs Shockers
10:00AM Thunder vs Montebello
11:00AM TYA vs DMB
11:00AM MacLean vs Shockers

Dec 9 10:00AM MacLean vs Steelers
10:00AM Shockers vs DMB
11:00AM TYA vs Thunder
11:00AM Montebello vs MacLean

Dec 16 10:00AM DMB vs Steelers
10:00AM Thunder vs Shockers
11:00AM TYA vs Montebello
11:00AM Thunder vs MacLean

MTFL Fall League (11/14/2007)
Submitted by: Mike Flynn

The MTFL is looking for teams or individual players interested in participating in the 2007 fall league. The league will run on Sunday mornings from November 11th until December 16th. Contact Mike Flynn if interested.

MTFL Finals 2007 (09/29/2007)
Submitted by: Mike Flynn

Division II

Boston Pizza 26
Montebello Boyz 6

Division I

Dartmouth Metals 29
Pogue Fado 14

Division 1 Champs: Dartmouth Metals and Bottles

Division 2 Champs: Boston Pizza

Final Standings Posted (09/21/2007)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

The final rankings have been determined. Western Union vaulted into first place in the second division with a victory over Jessy's Pizza. Subway finished second, Darkside slipped to third due to a weaker season schedule, Tigers fourth, Boston Pizza fifth, East Side Mario's sixth, Grizzlies seventh and the Steelers are in eighth.

Division 1 had a small shuffle at the bottom with Thunder taking fifth place with the Jessy's Pizza loss. Pogue Fado will be seeded first, DMB second, 10 Years After third and Nova Mortgage is the fourth seed.

2007 Natal Day Tournament (08/08/2007)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

The following are the results from the 2007 Natal Day Touch Football Tournament.

Championship Game:

Pogue Fado 27
Huskies 14

Scoring for Pogue: Mike Wall 18, Johan Taussig 8, Mike McPherson 2, Ryan Jones 1
Scoring for Huskies: Joe Doherty 6, Sean White 6, Valenteno Swasey 2

Round Robin Games:

Huskies 36
Pogue Fado 23

Thunder 31
Ten Years After 26

Pogue Fado 34
Thunder 8

Huskies 32
Thunder 6

Huskies 36
Ten Years After 14

Pogue Fado 19
Ten Years After 18

Nationals (08/07/2007)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Interested in competing in the Tournament of Champions (aka the Nationals)? Go to the Touch Football Ontario web site for registration details. Ottawa is the host city for 2007.

Huskies Recap (08/03/2007)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

The Huskies have nicely recounted the events of their games against Ten Years After and Subway. Included in the article are a couple of video clips. Check it out.

Huskies Short Film (07/18/2007)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

The Huskies have produced a video montage of some of the highlights from their win over the Tigers. Check it out.

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