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Articles from 2008:

MTFL All-Stars Named (10/22/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

The Metro Touch Football League has named it's all-stars for 2008. Here they are in no particular order by division:

Division One:

Shawn Johnson
Mike Davis
Jason Bailey
Ryan Jones
Steve Sarty
Mark Cluney
Dean Jones
Jr. LeBlanc
Adam Stinson
Matt Flynn
Sean Higgins
Joe Doherty

Division Two:

Ryan Henneberry
Trevor Slaunwhite
Todd Brine
Teriq El-Bitar
Adam Smith
CJ Purdy
Phil Gauthier
Scott Dunthorne
Jason Holm

Division Three:

Doug Hubley
Ryan Marriott
Stu Clow
Matt Rogers
Ryan Summers
Matt McCutheon
Brad Guthro

DMB, Subway and Steelers League Champs (10/04/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Dartmouth Metals and Bottles have repeated as Division 1 champions. Their smothering defence stymied Pogue Fado. Mike Carew and Rodney Fraser scored twice each as "DMB" rolled on to a 32-0 victory. The game was close for most of the first half. Pogue Fado had a chance to make things closer just before halftime, but an unfortunate offensive pass interference penalty in the end zone killed the scoring opportunity. DMB took matters into their own hands in the final two quarters. Several long scoring drives not only extended their lead, but ate up precious time. Pogue Fado would threaten no more as DMB clinched the title for the third year in a row and they also finished off an undefeated (20-0 overall) season in the process.

Pogue Fado did well just to reach the Division 1 final as they mounted a furious charge in the fourth quarter to upend Bud Light 27-26 in the semi-final game.

In Division 2, Subway returned to the top of podium with a resounding 28-0 shutout victory over the upstart Coors Light team. Coors Light came out of Division 3 and used victories over Darkside, Senior Sensations and Subway to vault themselves into the final. However, they were no match for Subway when all the marbles were at stake. Trevor Slaunwhite quarterbacked three methodical scoring drives in the first half and defence put the final nail into Coors Light's coffin in the second half to earn the win.

FInally, in Division 3, the Steelers finished off a solid playoff run and won the division title with a 12-6 decision over Cluett Insurance. The Steelers' regular season was a complete disaster. They were 1-17 with a default loss and zero points in the standings. However, they were unbeatable in the playoffs. They sunk The Explosion and dropped Cluett Insurance twice to win it all.

Congratulations to all the 2008 championship teams!

2008 Playoff Schedule (09/23/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

The playoffs begin on Saturday. The format is a double knockout and the initial known matchups have been posted. The full schedule has been distributed in hard copy to the team reps. It will soon be available from the web site as well.

Note: All games scheduled to be played at the Wanderers Grounds on Saturday, September 27th will now be played on Commons B.

Wanderers Grounds (08/22/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Please be aware that all games originally scheduled or rescheduled for play between (and including) August 25th and September 4th have been relocated to the Wanderers Grounds. The relocation is necessary to allow HRM to prepare the Commons for an upcoming event.

MTFL Referee Clinic (08/22/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Master referee Brian Nicholson will host a referee clinic on Thursday, September 4th at 8pm at the Bloomfield Centre. All teams are advised to send at least one representative to the clinic.

First Annual Atlantic Touch Football Tournament (08/03/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Football Nova Scotia will be hosting the first annual Atlantic Touch Football Tournament at the Halifax Mainland Field on Labour Day weekend (August 30th and 31st). There will be a Championship division (8 teams) made up of 2 teams from each of the Atlantic Provinces. Championship division representatives are determined by provincial touch football governing body members.

There will also be the Open division (8 teams maximum) based on a first come, first serve basis for any teams within the Atlantic Provinces until tournament spots are filled.

A $300 team registration fee is due by Monday, August 22nd. The registration form can be downloaded from the Resources Section.

New Message Board Launched (06/23/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

The message board has been reinstated by popular demand. It is pretty fresh and still fairly untested, but it should work fine. To start using the board, go to the message board home page and click the "Register" link in the top left-hand corner of the page (just below the MTFL logo). Let me know if there are any problems.

Web Site Upgrades (05/29/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Several scary upgrades were made to the web site tonight. Because of this, it is now possible to reflect a different team name for a single team across seasons while consolidating the history of the team. For instance, the "Senior Sensations" have been known in past seasons by slightly different names. Due to the updates, all the stats for this team are available on one team page instead of requiring a new team to be created anytime the team's name changed.

I consolidated historical team stats for Keyes' Insurance/Subway (Subway, Powerade), the Senior Sensations (Junior Sensations, Sophomore Sensations, Rookie Sensations), Coors Light (Grizzlies), Darkside (Curves), G-Men (Superstore) and East Side Mario's (Lonestars).

If you notice there are other teams who's historical data should be merged, please let me know and I will make it happen.

Aside from this, I am going to attempt to have our web hosting company move our web site to a new server and into its own application pool. Perhaps you have noticed System.OutOfMemoryExceptions happening intermittently on the site. Once our site has its own application pool, this will no longer be an issue. I hope to do this today. As a result, the site might be out of commission for a couple of hours.

Referee's Clinic/Rules Refresher postponed (05/28/2008)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

This Friday's Clinic is postponed until a future date TBA when better participation is expected.


Brian Nicholson

First Two Weeks of 2008 Schedule Released (05/19/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

The schedule for the initial two weekends of the 2008 season has been released. A number of intriguing match-ups highlight the early games. Pogue Fado and Dartmouth Metals & Bottles kick off the season on Friday, May 23rd with a rematch of last season's bitter Division One final. DMB won the game and took the title, but Pogue Fado will be seeking revenge as they look to put DMB in an early hole in the standings to start the season. On Saturday, May 24th, last season's upstart Darkside squad will face the reincarnated Senior Sensations. Can the Senior Sens recapture the magic of two or three seasons ago when they were one of the most dangerous teams in Division Two, or will Darkside pick up where they left off last year except with more experience under their belts?

In Division Three, Coors Light (formerly the Grizzlies) scrimmage with Division Two's Valley Selects. Coors Light might have a slight edge in experience in terms of Metro Touch Football League play, but the Valley Selects feature a number of skilled players and will present quite a challenge for Coors Light who have a lot of new players on their roster.

The second weekend features some great battles too with Subway meeting Darkside, last year's Division Two champs Boston Pizza will play Ace Communications (featuring numerous Jessy's Pizza and Paint Can members), and Bud Light challenges Dartmouth Metals & Bottles for the first time in a few years.

The (Saint Mary's) Huskies are also back for the 2008 regular season. They will look to continue the success they enjoyed last season by notching victories over Bud Light and Ace Communications. The Huskies went 14-3 in the regular season in 2007. Once again, they will not participate in the playoffs in 2008 due to their commitments to the Saint Mary's University tackle program.

Good luck to all the teams in 2008.

Spring League Schedule Released (03/26/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

Here is the 2008 MTFL Spring League schedule. Note: due to cancellations, there have been some revisions to the original schedule.

April 6th

9:00AM Pogue vs Shockers
9:00AM Darkside vs Team MacLean
10:00AM DMB vs Montebello
10:00AM TYA vs Steelers

April 13th

9:00AM TYA vs DMB
9:00AM Monte vs Steelers
10:00AM Shockers vs Maclean
10:00AM Pogue vs Darkside

April 20th

9:00AM Pogue vs Monte
9:00AM Shockers vs Steelers
10:00AM Darkside vs TYA
10:00AM Maclean vs DMB

April 27th

9:00AM Maclean vs Steelers
9:00AM Shockers vs Monte
10:00AM DMB vs Darkside
10:00AM TYA vs Pogue

May 4th

9:00AM Pogue vs DMB
9:00AM TYA vs Shockers
10:00AM Monte vs Maclean
10:00AM Steelers vs Darkside

May 11th

9:00AM Darkside vs Monte
9:00AM Steelers vs Pogue
10:00AM TYA vs Maclean
10:00AM DMB vs Shockers

MTFL Fall Web Site Re-Launched (03/01/2008)
Submitted by: Raland Kinley

After close to 5 months of working in the evenings, the new public face of the Metro Touch Football League web site has been released. The site has been completely overhauled. Statistics from every season since 2003 are now accessible. So now, you can see for yourself who did what for any given season stats were recorded. Of course, the most obvious change is the revamped appearance of the web site and the our new logo. Frank Orlando of Orlando Design did a great job giving our site and logo a professional look and feel.

Every line of code, SQL and markup language was rewritten from scratch. The work is not done though. More effort is required to rebuild the admin section which allows referees and site administrators to update stats and manage team rosters and schedules. The plan is to have as much of the admin site done before the beginning of the new season. In the meantime, if you have any comments, suggestions or you need to post an article to the site, send me an email and I'll do my best to assist you.

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