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MTFL: Metro Touch Football LeagueSleeman
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Player Team
MacDonald, Cohen Owls FC
MacDonald, Craig Owls FC
MacDonald, Logan Oland's Exports
MacGilvary, Jack Oland's Exports
MacIntosh, Ryan Dartmouth Metals&Bottles
MacIsaac, Drew Tigers
MacKay, Chris Park West Physiotherapy
MacKay, Peter Cluett Insurance
Mackenzie, Graham Lions
MacLean, Chris Sensations
MacMahon, Rick Sensations
MacNeil, Colin East of Grafton
MacNutt, Mike Park West Physiotherapy
MacRae, Ian Lions
Mader, Dan Owls FC
Mailett, Chuck Owls FC
Mather, Pat Owls FC
McAleer, Dan Owls FC
McCormick, James East of Grafton
McCormick, Simon East of Grafton
McDonald, Greg Lions
McLeod, Gaelan Owls FC
McLeod, Michael Oland's Exports
McLeod, Nick TYA Spartans
McMullen, Jonathan Tigers
McNeil, Kenzie Sky Hawks
McTeigue, Ryan Oland's Exports
Melnyk, Justin Cluett Insurance
Mohammad, Farset AIL Hurricanes
Mombourquette, Jermaine Park West Physiotherapy
Moore, Paul Sensations
Morash, Charles East of Grafton
Morash, John Darkside
Morris, Ryan Oland's Exports
Morrison, Blaise Cluett Insurance
Moxsom, Ryan Warriors
Myketyn, Kevin Oland's Exports
Myles, Grant Warriors