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MTFL: Metro Touch Football LeagueSleeman
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Player Team
Sacre, Bobby Oland's Exports
Sanford, Ben East of Grafton
Sanford, Keith Darkside
Sears, Anthony Lions
Senman, Jonathan Oland's Exports
Sheehan, John AIM Stallions Football
Sheppard, Keith Tigers
Simmonds, Isiah Oland's Exports
Simmonds, Limario Cluett Insurance
Simms-Oliver, Marques Sky Hawks
Sinclair, Brad Owls FC
Singh, Keith East of Grafton
Skillen, Dave AIM Stallions Football
Smith, Adam Darkside
Smith, David Cluett Insurance
Smith, Gaylin Warriors
Smith, Reid Lions
Sobaih, Momar Warriors
Sode, Matt TCI Manufacturing
Stammberger, Sven AIM Stallions Football
States, DeShawn AIL Hurricanes
States, Glen Sky Hawks
Stewart, Mike East of Grafton
Sullivan, Dylan AIM Stallions Football
Summers, Frank Owls FC
Svec, Josh TYA Spartans
Sweet, Matthew AIM Stallions Football