2023 Season Touch Football


MTFL Resources

Forms, rules and referee resources


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Touch Football Overview: A touch football overview composed by Brian Nicholson. It is a great resource for people who are new to the game of touch football.


  • Football Canada Rulebook: This is the rulebook we all adhere to. Familiarize yourself with the rules.
  • MTFL Colloquial Rules: The MTFL has a number of rules that are league-specific. This document outlines these rules.
  • Referee’s Cheat Sheet: Brian Nicholson’s custom cheat sheet for referees. It has yardages for all the common penalties and reminders about some of the more troublesome situations that can arise during a game.
  • Case Studies: Highly-touted referee Brian Nicholson clearly explains the right call for each situation.
  • Common Calls and Explanations: Brian Nicholson covers common situations that arise during a game.
  • Mechanics of Officiating: Brian Nicholson describes how to be a touch football referee and what your responsibilities are before, during and after the game.
  • Referee Preparation: Brian Nicholson documents what you need to do to be ready to ref a touch football game.