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Articles from 2004:

Molson Light / Pogue Fado win Division 1 Crown! (11/12/2004)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

Molson Canadian Light/Pogue Fado captured the Division One title with a 34-7 victory over the defending champs from Dartmouth Metals & Bottles. Ryan Jones found five diffrent receivers for majors as the Pogue won the crown for the first time in the team's history. Mike Carter, Jonah Taussig, Greg O'Brien, Mike Crooks and Mark Cluney scored for the Pogue, while Graham "Gumsy" Sponagle scored DMB's major.

The game was played at the Pit on an unseasonably warm late October day.

Dartmouth started quickly out of the gate when Mike Carew boomed the opening kickoff through the endzone for a single. The Pogue answered back as Jones lofted a fade pattern for a touchdown to Mark Cluney. Undaunted, Dartmouth marched down the field and Gumsy scored. After that, the Pogue took control with Jones finding Jonah Taussig and Mike Crooks for scores to make it 21-7 at half.

In the second half the game went back in forth as Dartmouth drove deep into Pogue territory but could not manage to score. Dean Jones put pressure on Dartmouth QB Shawn Johnson and the Pogue secondary stood firm. Early in the fouth Jones found Michael "Seabiscuit" Carter on a beautiful corner route to give the Pogue more breathing room.

Spiritual and locker room leader Greg O'Brien capped things off with the last TD of the day, even catching a 50 Yard seam pattern during the drive that evoked memories of his salad days with the St.Pats Fighting Irish in the mid - eighties.
The victory was especially sweet for O'Brien and teammate of 15 years Darryl "Smitty" Smith, whose beloved Red Sox broke their curse in the same week.

As for O'Brien, just hours before the game, it looked like he would not be able to play because of a back and neck condition that would sideline most. In a performance reminiscent of injured playoff legends Willis Reed, Kirk Gibson and Curt Schilling, O'Brien took a cocktail of ibuproffen, Spaz Cola and Red Bull and played through the pain.
"I've been waiting fifteen f#%@ing years for this" O'Brien screamed at the end of the game.

Congrats to all on a great season.

Pogue Fado victorious at Natal Day Tournament (08/01/2004)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

The Smirnoff Ice Natal Day Tournament is in the books for another year! An excellent tournament was held with 8 teams competing for the Tournament Championship. This year, the winners were Halifax's own Pogue Fado.

The Boys from Pogue, even without the leadership skills of MTFL President and team sugar daddy, Greg O'Brien, proved too much for the Esquire Bulldogs from Moncton, beating them in the finals 32-6. Ryan Jones, the golden haired QB for Pogue found receivers Mark Cluney, Mike Wall, Mike Carter and Fraser O'Neil for TD passes. On what was a short yardage pass, Jones also hit Darryl Smith, who turned on the jets--made some Junior LeBlanc-esque moves and found the end-zone for 6 points. Trent Laing and Dean Jones proved to be a defensive force, with 2 picks and 3 sacks respectively.

Shane Peitre, the elusive Esquire pivot, ran in the lone score for the Moncton team.

Final Scores from Round Robin play:
Pogue Fado 38 10 Yrs After 20
Budweiser 45 Tigers 14
Young Guns 28 Fox&Hound 26
Esquire 57 Molson Export 8
Molson Export 29 10Yrs After 24
Pogue Fado 26 Esquire 24
Budweiser 21 Fox & Hound 8
Young Guns 41 Tigers 12
Esquire 28 10 Yrs After 8
Budweiser 34 Young Guns 6
Tigers 40 Fox & Hound 0 ***default
Pogue Fado 18 Molson Exports 0
Semi Finals
Esquire 28 Budweiser 22
Pogue Fado 31 Young Guns 12
Pogue Fado 32 Esquire 6

Individual Awards
Sack Leaders-- Mike Lynds and Dean Jones
Interception Leaders-- Junior LeBlanc and Steve Sarty
TD Pass Leader-- Ryan Jones
Scoring Leader-- Mike Carter
MVP Defensive-- Trent Laing
MVP Offensive-- Todd Bursey

Hail Mary Contest Winners-- Randy Rudel and Shane Peitre

Afterwards, when asked, a teary eyed Mark Cluney, said "It was great to win, but we did this all for Greg. We wanted to make him proud." In the distance, looking sombre, both Trent Laing and Mike Carter echoed, "Yes, this would have made Greg happy to see the way we pulled it together without him."

Natal Day Tourney Set (07/27/2004)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

Eight teams are confirmed to vie for the 2004 Natal Day Touch Football crown at the Commons this coming weekend. The action will get under way Friday night as 10 Years After will take on Molson Canadian Light (Pogue Fado) at 6:30.

Games are scheduled for all day Saturday and Sunday. There will be a Hail Mary competition that wraps up at 1:15 on Sunday. The tournament semifinals will be at 11:45 Sunday with the Finals slated for 2:30 Sunday. The competition should be excellent at this years event, as the three teams coming from Moncton are all strong and the Halifax teams are no slouch either.

The teams are divided into two divisions;
The Citadel Division: (Tigers, Fox and Hound, Budweiser and Young Guns).
Bluenose Division: (Molson Export, Esquire Bulldogs, 10 Years After, Molson Canadian Light (Pogue Fado)).

Please come on down to the Commons and check out some football this weekend!!

Natal Day Tournament 2004 approaching (07/20/2004)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

The 2004 version of the Natal Day tournament is slated for the weekend of July 30th - August 1st. Organizers are looking for volunteers and teams for this years edition of the tournament.

Teams who participate in the tourney have been guaranteed at least 3 games in the past, depending on the tournament schedule.

The target number for teams is 8, though it could accomodate as many as 10. Last year we had 4 teams from Moncton, and we can usually count on at least 2 or 3 teams from there. So, that means we're looking for teams from here in Halifax. As of now, the Tigers, Budweiser, Molson Canadian Light and Ten Years After have expressed interest in playing.
We would ask that firm commitment be given by Monday, July 26th to ensure the tournament can be organized well.

Keep in mind that teams can be a combination of players from different MTFL teams. For example, Paint Can and Powerade could combine to put in a team.

The tournament will include prizes and FREE ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. In the past there has been a long bomb competition that always adds some interest to the tournament.

The registration fee will be $250. Because there's only two weeks left between now and the tournament it would be appreciated if interested teams could pay in full with their registration. Also, because of the time crunch the MTFL would ask that you send your cheques via ExpressPost to David Fillmore, 17 Ellen Crescent, Whites Lake, NS, B3T 1Z2.
It only costs a few dollars. Bring Dave your receipt and he'll reimburse you.

Hark; MTFL tries to make Herald sing (07/09/2004)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

The Chronicle Herald, one of Halifax's two major papers, has been sorely lacking when it comes to publishing stats from the MTFL. Recent coverage has amounted to the sporadic publishing of scores, with no individual player game stats being reported.

The MTFL is not taking this issue lying down, and has contacted the Herald to get the rationale behind the Herald's new policy of only showing the scores of games. Thus far, the powers that be at the Herald have not responded to the emails sent by Mike Flynn of 10 Years After and League President Greg O'Brien.

The following are the emails sent by Flynn and O'Brien:

From: Mike Flynn [mailto:mflynn@infointeractive.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2004 10:40 AM
To: newsroom@herald.ca
Cc: Greg O'Brien
Subject: Local Sports coverage

Can you please pass this on to the Sports Dept? Thank you.

Last night I called in a score from the Metro Touch Football League (MTFL).
When I began to give the scorers in the game, I was told the Herald no
longer reports scorers, only the game score. I knew I had read scorers from
games this year recently, but the reporter insisted this has been Herald
policy since the Spring 2004.

This morning I read the sports page and saw that the score only was indeed
reported, along with many other local sports, including golf, paddling,
lacrosse, baseball (minor and NSSBL), all with their respective scorers
printed. How does the MTFL rate a no-scorers policy? This league has been
running for more than 35 years and has boasted many of the stars of
university and high school football. Currently, well-known local stars in
our league include Ryan Jones, Derek Martin, Luis Perez, Dean Jones, Steve
Sarty, Ron Lirette, Jonah Taussig, Joey Tynes, Trygve Arnason and many more.
Of all local sports, I would think the interest for this league and its
players would rank highly among your readership.

Can you please confirm to me that your policy will be applied fairly to
allow our scoring to once again be reported? Thank you.

Mike Flynn
Director- Business Development
InfoInterActive Corp - an AOL Company
Suite 600, 1550 Bedford Hwy
Bedford, NS B2W 1S6
(902) 832-2656

From: Greg O'Brien [mailto:gobrien@lock-associates.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 06, 2004 10:53 AM
To: newsroom@herald.ca; Mike Flynn
Cc: Terry Crouse (Chaos); Rick Rivers (Powerade); Nick Barr (G-Men);
Mike Carew (Dartmouth Metals); Junior LeBlanc (Budweiser); Greg O'Brien;
Brian Nicholson (Tigers); Christian Deveau (Bulldogs)
Subject: RE: Local Sports coverage
Importance: High


Thank you for the note. As President of the MTFL, I had planned on
contacting the Herald to discuss their "new" policy regarding reporting of
sports scores. Your message has prompted my thoughts.

I was informed of the policy a few weeks back, and subsequent to hearing
this, I have noticed that we seem to be one of very few leagues that do not
get full coverage. I have consistently seen that we are in the minority.
Scores and player names from minor leagues and minor tournaments (including
children's leagues) seem to consistently appear, but we get one line per
game? I think the paper should be reminded that the bulk of the players in
the MTFL (265 in total) are local business people and possible customers of
the paper. Many of us are subscribers and likely provide revenue in one
from or another to the paper. We have the option of supporting the Herald
or choosing the Daily News, which, quite frankly, does and excellent job of
covering local sports. I have been nothing short of disappointed recently
to read my morning paper and have no idea who played/scored in the previous
evening's games.

I do not understand the policy, and we have been given no reason for the
change. More importantly, we are not seeing any consistency in the paper's
own policies. Perhaps some clarification is in order. Thank you.

Greg O'Brien
President, MTFL

We will be following this story closely and will publish any updates. If you have any thoughts on the issue, please contact your team rep or league officials.

Standings page fixed - other fixes to come (07/05/2004)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

Looks like the standings page of the website has been fixed, so those annoying errors should be a thing of the past.

For the past month or so, anytime the standings page was visited, it threw server errors and made navigating the site a pain...These issues appear to be resolved for now.

There are a number of other little fixes that need to be done and I plan to get to these as soon as I get some spare time.

As far as stats, there are still some games that need to be filled in by a certain ref who I am trying to track down...I have to thank the refs who have been adding game stats after each game, your efforts are much appreciated. Most game sheets are being input into the site within 24 hours of a game.

Thanks for your patience.

Rules, Rules, Rules (08/21/2004)
Submitted by: Brian Nicholson

MTFL Players

As many of you may or may not know, last year the "local" or Colloquial rules for the MTFL were finally put down on paper. This was partly due to some frustration on my part as an official and a player about a lack of consistency regarding our local rules-- mainly what IS the penalty for delay of game because you didn't have 7 to start. Over the past year, the rules have been modified and the most recent addition is the "Mercy Rule", adopted at the mid-season meeting on Aug. 10th. They are presented in their entirety below. The numbered references refer to the sections of the Canadian Rule Book for Touch Football which we use for our league.

Colloquial Rules to the MTFL for the 2004 Season

? Rosters and Eligible players
? 5 plays vs. 3 minute rule
? Overtime
? Delay of Game?7 to start
? Multiple Objectionable Conducts
? League Demerits
? Player Safety: Referee?s Discretion
? Mercy Rule

Rosters and Eligible players (Rule 3?Team Members)

Rule 3.1.2 Players
Any person playing for a registered team in the MTFL must be registered by having their name on the official roster sheet submitted to the League prior to the start of the season.
A team, providing they purchased additional spots prior to the start of the season and the addition is made prior to August 1st, can make roster additions. Substitutions for a registered player can be made prior to August 1st providing that registered player has not participated in a game already.

Rule 3.1.3 Players
To be considered eligible for participation in the MTFL playoffs, a player must participate in at least six games during the regular season and have their name on the official roster for the team. A team that falsely records a players name on the roster is subject to a fine of $100 and will have 2 Demerits assessed to them.

5 plays vs. 3-minute rule (Regulation 4.4 Last 3 Minutes of Half)

Regulation 4.4 Last 3 Minutes of Half
The MTFL has elected to use a five-play rule to end each half instead of the ?3-minute rule? outlined in Regulation 4.5 . The five-play rule comes into effect after 17 minutes of continuous time has expired in the second and fourth quarters.

Overtime (Rule 5 and Regulation 5.3- Overtime)

Regulation 5.3 Convert Attempts
The MTFL has elected to adopt Regulation 5.3 as the primary method of determining a winner when the score is tied at the end of regulation.

Delay of Game/ 7 to start (Rule 6- Game Procedures)

Rule Delay of Game
A team that does not have 7 legal players on the field at the scheduled time for kick off will be penalized for delay of game (10 yards) and the non-offending team will have choice in both halves of the game. If choice was already made prior to the delay, the non-offending team may change their choice at the time of the delay of game penalty.

Rule Forfeiture of Game
A team that forfeits a game are assessed a fine of $100 and will have 2 Demerits assessed to them. A team that defaults a game will immediately have two points deducted from their total points for their divisional standings. Currently a team receives 2 points for a win and no points for a loss. This means that not only does a team have a forfeit counted as a loss, but points are deducted as well.

Multiple Objectionable Conducts (Rule 22- Player Conduct)

Rule 22.3.3 Objectionable Conduct
A player who is assessed more than 1 objectionable conduct in a game will be immediately ejected from the game.

Other Rules

League Demerits

At the beginning of each season a team must have a performance bond of $250 dollars in their league account. This may be carried over from a previous season or must be ?topped up? if the team has accrued fines over the past season.

Demerits can be assessed to a team by the MTFL. These are equivalent to a $50 loss from their performance bond. If at any time a team should be assessed a total of 5 Demerits, they are no longer eligible to play in the league for the remainder of the season. Demerits will be awarded as follows?

2 Demerits: Forfeiture of game and 2 points deducted from Teir Standings
2 Demerits: Failure to provide both linesmen for a scheduled game
1 Demerit: Only providing 1 linesman for a game
1 Demerit: Failure to have a team representative at a MTFL meeting

(new-Nov 2003) Player Safety: Referee?s Discretion

At any time during the game, if a referee feels that continuing to play the game at hand may jeopardize a player?s safety, the official may remove that player from the game immediately. An explanation should be included on the game sheet as to the reason why the player was removed. A referee?s decision in this matter is final and cannot be challenged by the player affected or his/her teammates. Teams/players wishing to protest an official?s decision must do so in writing to the League Executive within 48 hours of the conclusion of the game.

(new- Aug 2004) Mercy Rule

If at half time or at any time in the second half if the difference in the score is 40 points or greater, the official may ask the losing team if they wish to concede. The team may elect to play on, but the referee will then have the authority to end the game if the referee feels that play is becoming unnecessarily rough or there is unsportsmanlike conduct. If the official ends the game prematurely, the reason for doing so must be entered in the game comments section on the score sheet.

MTFL Expands (06/11/2004)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

The MTFL has expanded from 15 to 16 teams for this season. The First Division is now down to 6 teams, with the Nightmare having disbanded and Powerade joining the Second Division.

Division Two welcomes three new teams; The Rookie Sensations, the Argyle, and Paint Can. The Smugglers have dropped out of the league.

At the recent league meeting, there were some new policies put in place that teams should be aware of.

The season was lengthened from 16 to 18 games. There are a lot of open dates planned into the schedule in case of rain. Thanks to Walt Finden for once again putting together the schedule. It is no easy task satisfying every teams blackout requests, ensuring the correct number of inter-division games, and making sure teams complete their lining assignments. Great job Walt!

Some games will be played in Truro this year, which has not happened in recent memory. Thanks to Christian Deveau and the Truro Bulldogs for organizing the refs and fields to make this happen.

Playoffs will now be conducted over the course of 2 weekends, as opposed to one. The games will be regulation length and the double knockout format will remain in place. The playoffs are scheduled to begin the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Another big change is the fact that players must now suit up for at least 6 games in order to be eligible for the playoffs. This is up from two or four games in previous seasons.

Please stay posted to the site for any upcoming league news!

Rescheduled Games (06/17/2004)
Submitted by: Greg O'Brien

Hello all, welcome to the new MTFL website...I am Greg O'Brien, president of the MTFL. Please visit the site regularly for important updates and scheduling info.

FYI, due to a softball tournament, the games on Saturday, June 19 on Commons B have been moved to St. Stephen's Field in the North End. The 9:00 AM game is Tigers vs. Paint Can (Grizzlies to line) and the 11:00 AM game is Grizzlies vs.Boston Pizza (Paint Can to line).

If you go to the schedule page, you will notice that the games referenced above are color coded with red. Postponed games will be coded with blue. This should help eliminate some confusion and endless emails and phone calls regarding to the status of games this year. We will make every attempt to keep the schedule as up to date as possible.

There will be other tournaments forthcoming, so I have requested that HRM give as much notice as possible so we can have sufficient time to re-schedule.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy the season!!!

MTFL 2004 site launched! (06/11/2004)
Submitted by: MTFL Press

The official online source for all stats, schedules, scores, teams, and players associated with the MTFL was finally launched just before season kickoff on Friday, June 11.

Please use this site as your guide for all things MTFL. Game sheets from this weekend will not be input into the database until next week as the refs haven't been trained on how to enter stats just yet. Please be patient, we hope to have stats be kept current as much as possible this year.

Note that the schedule now includes color coding for postponed (blue) and rescheduled games (red). We are making every attempt this year to have the website act as the definitive source for scheduling...

As far as team/player pictures and player profiles, we will be asking team reps to write up these profiles and take as many pictures as possible. The more cooperation we have in people writing articles, taking pics, etc...the better the site will be for all.

Also note that the server experiences interruptions that may make the site slow to load. Please be patient as this will be worked on. Also, player search functionality will be corrected soon.

If you have any comments or feedback, please send it along (mandecluney@hfx.eastlink.ca).

Let's play some football!!

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